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Northern Securities Company v. The United States

one of the highly publicized cases initiated by Roosevelt that sought to regulate trusts with the govt. serving as mediator


Samuel Gompers

labor leader and president of American Federation of Labor, founded in 1886; believed that craft unionism would get better wages/conditions, supported capitalism and opposed socialism


Wade-Davis Bill

harsh Congressional reconstruction bill that provided the president would appoint provisional govts for conquered states until majority of workers took oath of loyalty to the U.S.; required abolition of slavery and disenfranchisement of Confederate officials/denial of Confederate debt; Lincoln killed the bill w/pocket veto


Morrill Act

Act by which "land grant" colleges acquired space for campuses in return for promising to institute agricultural programs


John Brown

violent abolitionist who murdered slaveholders inKansas and Missouri before his raid at Harper's Ferry, hoping to incite a slave rebellion



writers who believed in the search for reality and truth through spiritual intuition; thought man could discover truth w/o established authority; justified reformers' challenges at the time


Webster Ashburton Treaty

signed August 9, 1842, was a treaty resolving several border issues between the United States and the British North American colonies, particularly a dispute over the location of the Maine-New Brunswick border. Also banned the slave trade (on the ocean)


Niagara Movement

a meeting of blacks at Niagara Falls in 1905, including Du Bois, where they created a list of demands (ex. unrestricted right to vote, end to segregation, equality of economic opportunities, exc.)


Pendleton Movement

reform passed by Congress that restricted the spoils system; passed as part of reaction to assassination of Garfield by disappointed office seeker in 1881, established U.S. Civil Service Commission to create merit system for govt. jobs


Tenure of Office Act

passed by Congress to prohibit the president from removing a federal official or military commander without the approval of the Senate; Johnson dismissed it and the House responded by impeaching him, charging him with 11 "high crimes and misdemeanors"; first president to be impeached; was not convicted in the Senate in order to not set a precedent


Crittendon Compromise

The first of compromise proposals submitted in hopes to prevent a civil war. This one was first submitted by Senator John J. Crittenden of Kentucky, proposal to reestablish the Missouri Compromise line and extend it westward to the Pacific coast, Slavery would be prohibited north or the line and permitted south of the line, Senate Southerners willing to accept plan, but required northerners to abandon position that slavery should not be allowed to expand so rejected it.


Declaration of Sentiments

declared that all "people are created equal"; used the Declaration of Independence to argue for women's rights



Southern Democratic term for the end of Reconstruction and the return of white southern Democratic rule to the South


Specie Circular

proclamation stipulating only gold or silver can be used as payment for public land, made it so citizens didn’t trust bank notes either


Horizontal integration

name of control over oil production and merger of competitors in the same industry