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One inducement for the shift toward slave labor in the late 1600's was that...

fewer indentured servants were arriving at the same time it became easier to import slaves


The British government of the American colonies...

never developed an effective, centralized government


The "enumeration" principle in the Navigation Act of 1660 required that...

certain commodities like sugar, tobacco, and indigo could not be shipped outside the British empire


French colonization

young single men looking for trading/trapping furs w/natives, tried to capture St. Augustine but spanish kicked them out, had native wives, lived in Quebec and rest of Canada, looking for passage to Asia which causes them to settle in North America


Dutch colonization

form permanent colony in NY, Dutch East India Co. creates spice trade, new slaves in New World (first introductions), farmed along Hudson River valley


English colonization

colony w/raw materials, bloody wars w/natives, came for economic opportunity and religious havens, found tobacco in Virginia


Spanish colonization

came for God, gold and glory; wanted to find gold; conquistadores come to wipe out natives, create Santa Fe in Mexico, deal w/Pueblo Revolt in 1680 (attack b/c of land)


Triangular Trade

transportation on the middle passage, slaves came from West Africa to the Americas, manufactured goods came from England



wanted to simplify the Anglican church, located in Northeast, came for a religious haven but were intolerant themselves, Calvinists who believed in predestination


Chesapeake colonies

looked for wealth in land opportunities, began farming and Rolfe introduced tobacco, introduced to slavery and House of Burgesses in 1609`



the first cash crop cultivated/introduced by john rolfe


White indentured servants

went to backcountry after service was over and then rivaled the natives for land, mainly were young men who were 2nd, 3rd of 4th sons w/o prospects in England so found some in New World


Bacon's Rebellion

Nathaniel Bacon and indentured servants from back country go against gov. berkely, kill indians for not helping them, causes a rise in slavery which was thought to have less opportunities for rebellion


African chattel

slaves from Africa whose lineage are also enslaved


Pueblo revolt

1680- Pueblos sick of Spanish settlers so they retreat to santa Fe and go back to Mexico



certain parts of colonies created by anglicans still part of english church