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Five sources/bases of Power

Formal Bases
1. Legitimate- position of authority
2. Reward- ability to give valued outcomes
3. Coercive- ability to punish or withhold rewards
Informal Bases
4. Referent- identification, admiration, respect
5. Expert- unique knowledge or skill


Influence Tactics

1. Silent authority: covert influence
2. Upward appeal: appeals to high authority
3. Coalition: forms groups to gain more power
4. Information control: manipulates others’ access to information
5. Assertiveness: “vocal authority”
6. Persuasion: logic, facts, emotional appeals
7. Ingratiation and impression management: increase liking
8. Exchange: promise of benefits or resources


Hard Influence Tactics

- Silent Authority
-Upward Appeal
-Information Control


Soft Influence Tactics

-Ingratiation and impression management


Three Outcomes of Influence

1. Resistance
2. Compliance
3. Commitment


Social Networks

Social structures of individuals, or social units that are connected to each other through one or more forms of interdependence.