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Is the dependency ratio becoming higher or lower?



What are the four main issues of an ageing population?

-population structure
-social services
-pensions crisis


What percentage of the of the NHS budget is spent on treating over 65?

Over 50%


What is the UK government doing?

-increase retirement and pension age for women to 65.
-State pension age will be raised to 68 for everyone by 2050
-To cut costs, the NHS restricts access to drugs for diseases of old age.
-Increasing financial benefits and employment rights for pregnant women to support the birth rate.
-To offset worker shortages, help the economy to grow and get more tax the government has welcomed migrant workers


What advantages are there for an ageing population?

-Many do voluntary work or provide valuable childcare for grandchildren.
-Some pensioners are well off and spend money in the leisure sector at off peak times of the year; they extend the holiday season in coastal resorts.
-Some manufacturing companies have built successful businesses targeting elderly people – e.g. makers of chair lifts and mobility vehicles.
-Many in good health will work beyond retirement age – new anti-ageism laws will make this easier. Some companies (e.g. B&Q) have openly recruited retired people.
-Pensioners till pay tax on income and savings.


What is the number of people over 65 expected to grow to from 9.5 million by 2040?

15 million

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