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What are the black pool illuminations and how have they been upgraded?

A light show stretching along the central section of the sea front. It began in 1879 and has been upgraded several times with advancing technology (£10 million investment)


Why did Blackpool become a major tourist centre between 1900 and 1950?

-Factory workers could increasingly afford a holiday, travelling by train to the nearby coast


Why did Blackpool face a tourist decline after 1960

-as people's disposable incomes increased they preferred to try somewhere different
-soon package holidays abroad created huge competition
-summer weather in the uk was unreliable and put black pool at a disadvantage
-beach and sea water pollution
-it was no longer seen as a cool place to come on holiday


What did the number of visitors drop from 17 million to during the decline?

11 million


What did the average hotel occupancy rate fall to during the decline?



Where is Blackpool?

Located on the Lancashire coast in the North West of England


How did Blackpool respond to the decline?

- Blackpool attracted some private investment and local authority grants to upgrade hotels, turn outdoor pools into indoor leisure centres and increase car park provison
- Many smaller failing hotels were converted into self catering holiday flats.
- smartened up areas frequented by visitors (beaches had been cleaned and facilities improved)


What are some of black pools attractions?

Blackpool illuminations
Black pool tower
Tower ballroom
Blackpool pleasure beach (most visited attraction in the Uk- but numbers fell from 7 to 6 million between 2000 and 2005)


Who is attracted to black pool today?

Day trippers
Stag and hen parties

It is now promoting itself as a shopping and conference centre

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