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If travel is for training or event provided by an outside organization, the member shall include a COSA notice of leave form requesting what kind of leave for the travel time?

Administrative leave


Members who were subpoenaed by a jurisdiction outside of Bexar County are responsible for contacting------- and securing travel arrangements as well as compensation for responding to such subpoenas?

The jurisdiction


The members supervisor, upon reception of the travel request confers with his immediate commander to evaluate the benefit of the requested expenditures and determines the availability of funds through the-----office

Manager of the fiscal services office


Travel request approvals are initialed by both supervisors and forwarded through the chain of command to the office of----

Section/division/bureau commander


Denials of travel request are initialed by both supervisors and returned to

The requesting member


All approved travel request must be submitted to-------- at least 14 working days prior to the members departure

Fiscal services office


Members requesting the use of a city vehicle for travel outside Bexar County must be authorized to operate a city vehicle by -----division

Risk management division


Members requesting the use of a city vehicle for travel outside Bexar County must contact fleet services office at least how many hours prior to departure to reserve a city vehicle?

24 hours


Reimbursement for travel expenses are not authorized without what kind of proof?

Original receipts


The travel expenses of the member's family are not eligible for payment by the city without prior approval by the?

City manager


What are some examples of eligible travel expenses?

Local transportation, lodging, meals, registration fees, intercity transportation


Eligible incidental travel expenses include laundry and dry cleaning costs where the absence from the San Antonio area extends over a period of-----

Five or more consecutive days


If travel is for training or event provided by SAPD the member shall be carried as ---- on the unit/detail payroll timesheet for the day/hours of the event

Special assignment


E. The ______reviews the travel request and:

1. If approved, initials, and forwards it to the ______ for a budget allocation review, and if training related, to the _______for a prioritization review if to be funded out of LEOSE funds.

2. Should the request be denied, the ______initials and returns the request down the chain of command to the ______.

Bureau Chief
1) Fiscal Services Office
Training Academy Commander

2) Bureau Chief
requesting member


F. _____consults with the _______, if applicable, and conducts an evaluation of the request (in relation to those previously budgeted and prioritized by the _____at the beginning of the fiscal year).

F) Fiscal Planning Manager
Training Academy Commander
Office of the Chief


G. Final travel authorization and advances will be approved by the ______, or his designee in accordance with AD 8.31, Travel. The _______, may at any time restrict travel and/or direct additional approvals as necessary to be obtained prior to any travel being authorized.

Chief of Police
City Manager, or designee



A. Members whose travel request is received later than the fourteenth (14th) day prior to the member's departure are not eligible for a _______, unless authorized by the ______.

cash advance
Chief of Police


A. Members receiving travel authorization/advancements must contact the ______ in the _______Office to finalize travel arrangements no later than ______days prior to the date of their departure.

Travel Coordinator
Fiscal Services
three (3) working


D. Members returning on the same day as the conclusion of any program. No expenses are authorized beyond that day. If the trip does not exceed ______, per diem will not be paid.

twelve (12) hours


F. Each member shall submit all receipts and sign an expense report and submit to the ______in the ______Office no later than ______days after the member's return to duty.

Travel Coordinator
Accounting and Personnel
three (3) working


True or false you don't need a travel request to go to court in an outside jurisdiction?

True that is handled under procedure 311 court appearances


If there's no cost to the city do you need a travel authorization form?

No but you still need to submit a request through the chain of command up to the bureau commander for prior approval


If the travel is for training provided by SA PD how is the member carried in the Redbook?

As special assignment


If the travelers for training provided by an outside organization how is the leave put into the Redbook?

As administrative leave after you've put in the request for travel