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Since it is the policy of the department to resolve all critical incident and unusual occurrences in a manner that minimizes the risk of life, trained personnel will use techniques designed to C-------,I------,S--------,and N------- the critical incident to a non-volatile resolution.

Contain, isolate, stabilize, and negotiate


Any officer involved in a critical incident or other preplanned high-risk situation shall wear what?

Body armor that is available to each officer


Who has the responsibility to notify the communications unit of established safe entrance and exit routes for emergency vehicles and personnel at a critical incident?

Officers, as initial responders


Whose responsibility is it to either back you wait bystanders and/or injured persons in a critical incident?

Officers, as initial responders


Whose responsibility is it to determine the type of police response needed to safely resolve the situation of a critical incident?

Supervisors of initial responders


Whose responsibility is it to establish a mobilization point within the established cold zone for on-scene assignments at a critical incident?

Supervisors of initial responders


Who assesses and reports to the communications unit the approximate nature, size, and location of the unusual occurrence?

The first officers arriving on the scene


Who establishes liaison with the incident commander of the unusual occurrence if it involves more than just police assets?

The first supervisory officer arriving at the scene


Which is a group of specially trained and certified officers who respond to critical incidents with the goal and responsibility of preserving life by obtaining a mutually acceptable solution to the matter?

Crisis negotiators detail


Which is a group of officers specially trained in the handling and disposition of explosive devices, who respond to request by a supervisory officer to those critical incidents involving a lethal threat?

The bomb squad


Who is a group of specially trained and certified officers from the special operations unit who are responsible for the preparation and exercise of all tactical functions utilized in the course of the situation?

SWAT detail


What two units are responsible for providing crowd control during planned events or spontaneous civil disturbances?

Tactical response unit (TRU) and/or the problem-oriented policing unit (POP)


Who may respond to the scene for purposes of food provision to the officers on occasions of critical incidents or unusual occurrences of extended duration?

American red cross


A command post may be established by who for any event or occurrence regardless of the size of the operation?

Incident commander


Whose responsibility is it to assign the necessary personnel for hot, warm, and cold zones patrols to safeguard properties vacated in an unusual occurrence or critical incident?

Incident commander


Who has the principal responsibility for determining the necessary course of action when there are hazardous material and chemical spills at an unusual occurrence and critical incident?

The fire department


Who should record the names, addresses, and ages of persons evacuated and of persons who choose to remain in their homes or businesses during voluntary evacuations?



As the situation of an unusual occurrence or critical incident subsides, who surveys the affected area and determines if there is a further need for police personnel and equipment at the scene?

Incident commander


All commanders prepare an after action report of an unusual occurrence or critical incident which is submitted to the incident commander within how many calendar days?

10 calendar days


Who prepares an operational cost report from an unusual occurrence or critical incident which is submitted to the office of the chief?

The manager of the accounting and personnel office


What office remains available for members exhibiting symptoms of stress or trauma because of an unusual occurrence or critical incident and desire post-incident counseling?

Psychological services office


If an incident originally classified as a critical incident escalates to such a magnitude it cannot be resolved by the critical incident response teams the incident should be reclassified as an --------by the incident commander

Unusual occurrence


A. The primary goal of the Department in dealing with critical incidents and unusual occurrences involves the

protection of human lives


A. Response to incidents generally falls into one of the following three categories:
1. Routine incidents are those situations that can be handled with ____.
2. Critical incidents are those high risk incidents whose resolution exceeds the regular resources of a _____and/or poses a requirement for a specially trained _____.
3. Unusual occurrences are emergency situations of such significant magnitude so as to compel the ____ or ______to protect life and property, prevent escalation, and restore order.

1) on duty resources
2) Patrol Section
response team
3) recall of personnel or support from other agencies


A. Critical Incident
2. Supervisory officers, as supervisors of initial responders, have several important functions to perform upon arrival at the scene which, depending on the circumstances, include:
a. Make an assessment of available options upon confirmation of the officer's _____. If the
incident is determined to be a ______ incident, assume duties as the_______until properly
relieved by higher authority;

initial observations
Incident Commander


A. Critical Incident
2. Supervisory officers, as supervisors of initial responders, have several important functions to perform upon arrival at the scene which, depending on the circumstances, include:
h. The first supervisor arriving remains in control of the scene until he is relieved. Upon relief, he provides a
______for the incoming Incident Commander and ensures the Communications Unit notifies all personnel _____ is taking place.

formal transfer of command briefing
a change in command


B. Unusual Occurrences
1. The first officers encountering or responding to an unusual occurrence must identify the n______ and ex________ of the unusual occurrence as soon as possible to determine the appropriate level of response.

nature and extent of the unusual occurrence


H. Officers, including _______, may be assigned to point control duties for directing and controlling of traffic, crowd, and media control within the cold zone or outside the established containment area.

supervisory officers


D. In incidents requiring a large number of personnel or those which continue for an extended period of time, it may be necessary to establish a _____separate from the command post. This allows the command operations to remain free from ____.
E. Once a command post is established, it remains operational until the situation has stabilized and order is restored. The deactivation of the command post is by the Incident Commander.

F. In the event the ______(EOC) is activated, it becomes the principal support center. The command post retains its command responsibility.

D) staging area

F) City of San Antonio Emergency Operations Center


A. In the event there is a necessity for evacuation of any area, the Incident Commander:
1. Assigns ______to coordinate with other agencies involved;
2. The American Red Cross may be contacted via the ____on behalf of the Incident Commander to set up
_____ centers and provide assistance to displaced persons;
3. Establishes and maintains the hot, warm, and cold zones to prohibit unauthorized persons from entering;
4. Assigns the necessary personnel for hot, warm, and cold zones patrols to safeguard the properties vacated;
5. Divides the area into sections, assigning units to evacuate specific sections, working from the unusual
occurrence ______; and
6. Establishes a limited access area allowing r____, p____, o_____, and m_____limited

1) a liaison officer
2) EOC

5) outward
6)residents, press, owners, and managers of businesses


B. In the event of personnel being recalled through the implementation of a mobilization phase, relief of personnel is
conducted as follows:
1. Phase 1: relief of personnel begins with personnel assigned under the ______implemented and
continues only until ______personnel are assigned.
2. Phase 2: _____hour shifts utilizing _____personnel are implemented.
3. Phase 3: Normal operations are restored.

1) last mobilization phase
Traffic Section
2) Eight
Traffic Section


A. Upon the deactivation of subordinate units, commanders ensure each supervisor submits a written report that includes the following information:
1. A record of the n____, b____ n____, d____, t_____, and a_____ for each member under their supervision; and
2. Account for all e______ issued to personnel under their supervision.

1) name, badge number, dates, times, and assignments


B. Upon conclusion of all activities related to the unusual occurrence:
3. The Incident Commander prepares a final report detailing the Department's response to the unusual occurrence. This report is submitted, along with a copy of the Incident Action Plan, to the ______within ______calendar days;

Office of the Chief
thirty 30)


C. The annual training on the City of San Antonio Emergency Management – Basic plan shall be documented by the ______who conducted the training, and a written critique of the training will be forwarded to the _____.

Chief of Police


During evacuations how is the American red cross contacted?

Through the EOC


How do you evacuate an area?

By dividing it into sections and evacuating from the unusual occurrence outwards


Who conducts the annual training on the city of San Antonio emergency management basic plan and submits a critique to the chief?

The commander who conducted the training