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Leave accrual for officers
10-15 years of service how much annual leave accrued?

166 hours


Leave accrual for officers
More than 15 years of service how much annual leave accrued?

206 hours


Officer shall accrue annual leave at a rate of – – – per month plus an additional six hours on each anniversary date

10 hours


On the date an Officer completed 10 years of service and on each anniversary date there after he's credited on a lump sum basis with – – – additional hours of annual leave



How many hours of sick leave do officers accrue each month with no limit on how much sickleave is accrued?

10 hours


Upon separation from the department, an officer may be paid for his accrued sick leave up to – – –

720 hours


A bonus day shall consist of eight hours and is awarded for – – – for a total of four potential bonus days per year

Each quarter of perfect attendance


The accounting personnel office provides each section with the computer print out after each quarter showing the officers who qualify for a bonus day. If there are any discrepancies the – – – will contact accounting personnel office to verify the print out and make any necessary corrections

Section commander


Bonus days have an accrual limit of – – –

400 hours


Officers may accrue comp time in place of overtime pay
Comp time has an accrual limit of -- – – hours



Probationary a police officers are not allowed to use any annual leave during the initial – – – of their probationary. Accrued holiday leave bonus day and comp time may be used instead.

30 weeks


Members requesting :
annual leave or military leave not scheduled by January 15 of each year
bonus day leave
holiday leave taking on the day other than a city holiday
comp leave
Should request a leave as early as possible but not more than – – – prior to the requested leave date

30 days


What is the name of the computer database that contains the names of officers that have been authorized to leave?

Police scheduled leave system (PSLS)


Shift/unit directors ensure the annual and military leave schedules are entered into the police scheduled leave system by – – – each year

February 21


Any officer who request – – – or more consecutive hours of sick leave must present a certificate from a physician who documents confirmation the member was unable to work for the department



T or F
The department has the authority, at any time, to order any officer to submit to a medical examination.



The chief of police may grant authorized leave without pay to a member who request authorize leave but does not have any accrued leave. The chief of police may authorize up to – – – days leave without pay

Five days


Sworn members not on authorized leave and who failed to report for duty within – – – of the commencement of their assigned duty hours are carried absent for that day

One hour


Any sworn member who has an authorized absences of more than – – – may be processed as a voluntary termination

Two consecutive days


Sworn members who are going to be tardy arriving – – – after the commencement of their assigned duty hours shall notify the respective units as soon as possible

Less than one hour


Leave accrual for officers
1-10 years of service how much annual leave accrued?

126 hours