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Who has the responsibility for the investigation of causes of civil aircraft crashes involving major personal injury or sustainable structural damage to the aircraft? (NTSB)

National transportation safety Board


How soon will the National Transportation Safety Board respond on a nationwide basis to major civil aircraft crashes?

Within 24 hours of the crash


Who is concerned with every aircraft accident primarily investigating violations of federal aviation regulations?

Federal aviation administration


The United States military fire rescue unit responds to military aircraft accidents on and within how many miles radius of the base?

7 miles


Who is the first responding unit to the scene of an aircraft crash within civil airport curtilage?

San Antonio fire department


Which department falls under the control of the city manager's office and provides the initial law-enforcement response to on airport crashes?

San Antonio airport police department


Who has overall responsibility for the overall coordination and direction of on airport operations during the civil on airport crash?

Director of Department of aviation


In the event of a major disaster because of the civil on airport crash, a ranking representative of the SAPD reports to an emergency operations command post? (where at the airport)

Mezzanine level of terminal one


Who has the primary responsibility for crowd control, traffic diversion and security for civil off airport accident?



Who assures a sufficient number of available patrol division unit and supervisory officers are dispatched to the scene of a fallen aircraft?

Command unit supervisor


Who ensures sufficient medical attention is given to injured persons at the scene of the following aircraft?

First responders normally patrol division officers


Who identifies the boundary or perimeter area impacted by the fallen aircraft?

Initial responders normally patrol division officers


Who provides for the control of media and spectator groups in the proximity of the scene of a fallen aircraft outside airport?

Patrol division commanders


Who establishes staging areas for the on scene assignments of the fallen aircraft outside of an airport?

Patrol division supervisory officers


Who limits access within established parameters to authorized personnel for an off airport fallen aircraft?

Patrol division commanders


Who is responsible for maintaining a current and revised copy of the departments role in the all hazards plan? (3 groups)

All division commanders
Night and weekend commanders
Executive officers


B. The Department has the following supporting role involving aircraft crashes:
1. Assisting _____in aiding the injured;
2. Providing _____to emergency vehicles;
3. Securing the impacted area in the same manner as a ________for federal or military investigators;
4. Restricting unauthorized personnel from _______;
5. Identifying and retaining _____to the crash;
6. Handling _____responsibilities; and
7. Maintaining ______on streets and highways in the vicinity of the crash.

1) medical providers
2) ingress and egress
3) crime scene to preserve evidence
4) rescue and medical operations areas
5) witnesses
6) crowd control
7) traffic flow


A. ______- Includes cases where a nonmilitary aircraft has fallen within the curtilage of a municipal airport (including all peripheral property belonging to the airport).

Civil On-Airport Crash


A. Civil On-Airport Crash - Includes cases where a nonmilitary aircraft has fallen within the curtilage of a municipal airport (including all peripheral property belonging to the airport).
3. The ______has control of all aircraft, vehicles, and personnel traversing within aircraft movement areas beyond the ramp (aircraft parking and service areas), unless the airport is declared closed.

FAA Control Tower


A. Communications Unit Supervisor:
1. Upon any form of notification regarding a fallen aircraft, or an ______at San Antonio International Airport,
monitors its progress through completion;

Alert III


C. Patrol Division supervisory officers:
1. Respond to the scene when requested, assume command of the situation until relieved, and summon sufficient
personnel as needed for security, spectator, media, and perimeter control;
2. Establish staging area(s) for on-scene assignments;
3. Act as the _____to the San Antonio Fire Department, Emergency Medical Service,
Bexar County Medical Examiner, military, federal, and other police entities; and
4. Brief the ____at first opportunity and ascertain the need for ______.

3) initial field coordinator and liaison
4) ranking supervisory officer
command personnel