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Patient with suspected gonococcal cervicitis – treatment? Complications?

IM ceftriaxone (for gonorrhea) + azithromycin (for chlamydia)

Saplingitis, disseminated gonorrhea


Mucopurulent cervicitis?

Most common organism?

Yellow exudative discharge arising from the endocervix with 10+ PMNs per high-powered field

Chlamydia (More so than gonorrhea)


Gonococcus and chlamydia have a propensity for what type of cell?

Columnar cells of the endocervix


It gonococcal cervicitis – expected cervical findings? Associated Symptoms?

Friable cervix; spotting


Dosing for cervicitis?

Gonorrhea – 125 to 250 mg of ceftriaxone IM

Chlamydia – Azithromycin 1 g orally or doxycycline 100 milligrams orally for 7-10 days


Extra GU sites of infection for gonorrhea?

Infectious arthritis – large joints

Disseminated gonorrhea – painful pustules with erythematous base on skin


Risk factors for salpingitis?

1. IUD
2. Previous gonorrhea or chlamydia infection
3. Surgery
4. Anything that breaks down cervical barrier


Actinomyces in vagina signifies?

Nothing – normal flora


Sexually-transmitted pharyngitis – cause? Linked with what activity? Typical course of the disease?


Gonorrhea; oral sex; typically no symptoms until disease disseminates

Pili allows gonococcal bacteria to adhere to surface of columnar epithelium and throat (chlamydia does not have the pili)