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Latent phase of labor versus active phase?

Arrest of active phase?

Cervix effaces (thins) until 4 cm dilation versus actively dilates

No progress of active phase for over two hours


Normal cervical dilation rate in nulliparity versus woman with prior deliveries?

Protraction of active phase?

1.2 cm/h versus 1.5 cm/h

Cervical dilation that is less than expected


Baseline fetal heart rate? Accelerations?


Episodes of fetal heart rate increase for at least 15 BPM for at least 15 seconds


Types of decelerations?

1. Early – mirror image of urine contractions
2. Variable – abrupt jagged dips below baseline
3. Late – follow uterine contraction


Nullipara verse mulitipara:
1. Time of latent phase
2. Rate of active phase
3. Time of second stage of labor
4. Time of third stage of labor

1. Less than 20 hours versus less than 14 hours
2. 1.2 cm/h versus 1.5 cm/h
3. 2 hours (3 with epidural) versus 1 hour (2 if epidural)
4. 30 minutes for both


Three P's of labor abnormalities?

1. Power – give IV oxytocin to increase contractions


Adequate contractions?

Every 2-3 minutes lasting for the 40-60 seconds


Tool to measure adequacy of power? Unit? Adequate value?

Internal uterine catheter.

Each mm Hg rise is called a Montevideo unit – Total is sum of units over 10 minute window



Type of acceleration and meaning?

1. Variable – cord compression
2. Early – head compression
3. Acceleration – okay
4. Late – placental insufficiency (hypoxia vs acidemia)


Station? Engagement? 0 station?

Relationship of the fetal head to ischial spines

Relationship of the widest diameter of the presenting part and its location in reference to the pelvic inlet

Bony part of the fetal head is at the plane of the ischial spines and not at the pelvic inlet


Bloody show?

Loss of cervical mucous plug and blood – a sign of impending labor