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Thyroid storm?

Thyrotoxicosis leading to
1. CNS dysfunction (coma/altered mental status)
2. Autonomic instability (hyperthermia, hypertension, hypertension)


Most common cause of thyrotoxicosis in US? Physical exam sign that is suggestive?

Most common cause of hyperthyroidism postpartum? Mechanism?

Graves Disease, diffusely enlarged goiter

Destructive lymphocytic thyroiditis; high corticosteroid levels and pregnancy suppress autoimmune antibodies, resulting in a flare postpartum


biologically active thyroxine hormone?



Treatment of hyperthyroidism during pregnancy?

PTU > methimazole > radioactive iodine

(methimazole possibly associated with plasia cutis congenital – Skin/scalp defects)


Tx of thyroid storm?

1. PTU
2. Beta blockers to control tachycardia
3. Acetaminophen/cooling blankets for hyperthermia
4. Steroids to prevent conversion of T4 to T3


Antenatal treatment of maternal hyperthyroidism in pregnancy can result in? Management?

Failure to treat may result in?

Fetal hyper- or hypothyroidism. Maternal administration PTU or Intra-amniotic injection of thyroxine for fetal hyper- and hypothyroidism respectively

Non-immune hydrops and fetal demise


Effect of maternal subclinical hypothyroidism in children? Possible prevention?

Adverse neurological development/abnormal intelligence

Levothyroxine in the first trimester


Effect of pregnancy on thyroid hormones? Changes due to?

Increase in thyroid-binding globulin and total T4

No Change in free T4 or TSH



Antibodies seen in destructive lymphocytic thyroiditis?

Antimicrosomal and anti-peroxidase