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What is cardiac rehabilitation?

A structured set of services that enables people with
coronary heart disease (CHD) to have the best possible help (physical, psychological and social) to preserve or resume their optimal functioning in society


What are the tress main components of cardiac rehab?



Who are cardiac rehab programmes available to in Scotland?

MI patients
Cardiac surgery patients
Heart failure patients


What are the traditional 4 phases of cardiac rehab?

1. Hospital stay
2. Recovery at home
3. Exercise component (4 weeks after event)
4. Gym based


What are the new 6 stages of cardiac rehab?

Stage 0: Identify and refer patient
Stage 1: Manage referral and recruit to rehab programme
Stage 2: Assess patient for cardiac rehab
Stage 3: Develop patient care plan
Stage 4: Deliver comprehensive cardiac rehab programme
Stage 5: Conduct final assessment
Stage 6: Discharge and transition to long-term management


What is the different between the 'phases' and the 'stages'?

Phases 'do' things to patients
Stages individualise patient care


When evaluating whether a patient is safe to undertake cardiac rehab, what should be considered?

Are patient's cardiovascular symptoms stable?
Does the patient have unstable angina, uncontrolled arrhythmia or severe heart failure? If so, they might need professional assessment before partaking


What are the pros of the heart manual as stated in a number of RCT studies?

Reduced anxiety and depression
Fewer GP visits
Fewer hospital readmissions
Reduced total cholesterol
Improvements in smoking cessation


Describe the facilitation of the heart manual.

Patient, partner & carer introduced to HM programme, preferably in hospital, or soon after discharge
One hour with patient
Then phone or visit at week 1 and every fortnight after Semi-structured interview


What are the different 'parts' of the heart manual?

Part 1: Your heart attack - the facts (recovering in hospital)
Part 2: The weekly programme
Week 1: Getting home - getting better
Week 2: Feeling better?
Week 3: Making progress
Week 4: Getting better all the time
Week 5: Feeling more like yourself?
Week 6: The end...and the beginning
Part 3: Facts and advice to help your recovery


What is the name of the guideline that support inclusion of psychological assessment and treatment and that misconceptions about MI are addressed?

SIGN guidelines


Is there a causation of heart disease associated with work stress or chronic life stress?



Is there a causation of heart disease associated with catastrophic life events?



Is there a causation of heart disease associated with depression, social isolation or poor quality of social support?


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