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key facts about japan

population = 126,960,000
10th world pop rank
0.7% growth rate
84 yrs life expectancy
japanese = largest ethnicity


culture and history

kept its traditions throughout - values such as children after marriage and taking care of the elderly


japans population structure

majority of people live in the south eastern side of Japan


land use

75% mountains
68% forests
90.7% of people live in cities


how many islands is there?

6800 islands with 97% living in the top 4


how many residents?

127 million compared to 92.5 in 1960


urbanised areas ?

93.5% of Japans population is urban - urbanised areas are the most densly populated


climate in japan

it varies in different regions in major cities like tokyo there is a temperate climate



winter is mild and the summer is hot humid making it an attraction for a permanent settlement


demography and culture

-not ethnically diverse as 98.5% japanese natives
-median age is 46.7 - ageing population
-by 2050 median age is expected to reach 53.2
-life expectancy - 83


what are the reasons for japans ageing population?

-excellent healthcare high living standards and sanitation
-10.2% GDP spent on healthcare in 2013
-low fat diets lower obesity
-air is cleaner due to fewer fossil fuels
-price of education is expensive so couples having fewer kids
-dont have children unless married


positive impacts of an ageing population

secondary sector very successful
less pressure on schools
increased demand for leisure activities from elderley - creates jobs
new robot tech to assist elderly


negative impacts of an ageing population

-25% of budget is spent on elderly
-economic growth is hindered because there is a demographic debt
-40% of all public spending spent on elderly
-3.8 million elderly live alone
-lack of workers to keep the economy afloat


government reponses to the ageing population

consumption tax doubles to fund increasing pension costs
angel plan - increase BR by providing free childcare
retirement age increased to 70
encouraged immigration of skilled workers