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how much is global population expected to rise over the 21st century?

expected to only rise by 40% compared with 400% in previous years


when was peak population growth rate reached?

the 1960's


what is causing world population growth?

fertility rates
life expectancy


fertility rates...

global average fertility in 1960 was 5 children per mother this has now halved - downward trend is predicted to continue


life expectancy

living standards rise and healthcare improves more people are surviving and average life expectancy is increasing


in 2012 who made prospects for 2030 and 2050 population?

the UN


Applied systems analysis - 3 reasons why population will stabalise by 2100

- they disagree that chinas fertility will increase
-they predict nigerias pop will only triple because of better education


certanties in population projections

-world pop growth rate will continue to slow
-most rapid pop growth = sub-saharan
-countries with declining pop will face ageing pop
-life expectancy will continue to rise
-global fertility rates continue to fall


what are the 4 things we need to manage?

youthful populations
ageining populations
internal migration
international migration


how can u manage youthful populations?

reducing fertility and increasing use of contraception
support on family planning
relaxing laws on abortion


how can u manage ageing populations?

care for the elderly
pro-natal policies
some countries may increase retirement age


how can u manage internal migration?

governments can implement policies to raise or maintain lower rates of of rural to urban migration


how can u manage international migration?

govs may help migrants back to own countries
implement policies which give easier access to migrants with certain skills or attributes


challenges with growing ecological footprints and carbon budgets

to continue to supply the resources needed for survival food water and energy
to do this using sustainable methods


what are environmental issues facing global population rise?

climate change
destruction of habitats
loss of biodiversity
unsafe water supplies
soil erosion
fossil fuels


climate change

as world pop continue to rise fossil fuels burnt more sea ice melting occurs
people in low lying areas at risk of severe flooding


destruction of habitats

another 1/4 of remaining forests on earth will be used for roads etc


what do the SDG's look at?

the relationship between us and the environment