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what is population structure

term used to describe age distribution and sex composition of a nation


what is pop structure shown through?

pop pyramid


what do LIC's have?

high infant mortality
high BR
short life expectancy
high natural increase


what do HIC's have?

long life expectancy
low DR
low infant mortality
low natural increase


what are the features of population pyramids?

population divided into 5 year age groups
divided into M&F
percentage of each age group q


what can population pyramids show?

-past changes in pop
-used to predict both LT and ST changes in pop
-shows the effects of war/disease
-shows life expectancy


what are the advantages of a youthful population?

provides a large and cheap future workforce
provides a growing market for manufactured products
provides a large tax base for country


what are the disadvantages of a youthful population?

-puts a strain on education and health services
-puts a strain on food supplies
-puts a strain on available accomodation
-lack of available jobs in the future


what are the solutions to a youthful population

family planning
industrailisation to provide jobs in manufacturing


what are the advantages of an ageing population?

growing grey market for leisure and health products
fewer people of working age so less unemployment
some elderley still work


what are the disadvantages of an ageing population?

cost of pensions healthcare etc
many young people employed caring for elderly
pensions will cost more


what are the solutions to an ageing pop

abolish state pensions
raise retirement age
increase taxes