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what is the dependency ratio?

shows how many young people (under 16) and older people (over 64) depend on people of working age


high dependency ratio

countries which have a high dependency ratio have more people not of working age and fewer people working and paying taxes


life expectancy

average age to which the population lives


what are the problems with comparing dependency ratio data

different retirement ages
age at which children work
productivity of 65+


what is demographic dividend

the benefit a country gets when it's working population outgrows its dependents


the dividend may be a wasted opportunity?

there is poor educational attainment
lack of transparency and democracy in governements


what are the disadvantages of the demographic dividend

boost in productivity will create extra demand in the economy which may cause environmental degradation and pressure on resources


second demographic dividend

during stage 4 people are living longer and there is now more elderley dependents and a smaller workforce