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Jura shares a border with what other country



What are the three main red grapes of the Jura

Poulsard (Ploussard), Trousseau, and Pinot Noir


What is the variety of dry white wine of the Jura

typically 100% Chardonnay (Gamay Blanc), although Savagnin—known locally as Naturé and elsewhere as Traminer, the relative of Gewurztraminer—may be added as a blending partner. Rosés can include all five grapes, and are usually made in the vin gris style.


What is the grape variety of Vin Jaune



Which grape variety is excluded from vin de paille production

Pinot Noir


Beyond Côtes du Jura, what are the three communal appellations in the region of Jura

Arbois AOP
L’Etoile AOP
Château Chalon AOP.



Arbois, the Jura’s leading wine village and home of Louis Pasteur, covers 12 communes producing all styles of Jura wine. A single commune, Pupillin, may append its name to Arbois.



L’Etoile, a white wine-only appellation, takes its name from a local fossil, shaped like a five-pointed star. The wines may contain Chardonnay, Poulsard, and Savagnin, and are generally bottled late in an oxidative style.


Château Chalon AOP

Château Chalon AOP is a commune—not a producer—specializing in the vin jaune, or yellow wine, of the Jura. Produced exclusively from Savagnin grapes grown on the local limestone and marl, the wine is deliberately oxidized and may age for decades. After fermentation, Savagnin—also called Naturé—is kept in barrel until December 15 of the sixth year following the harvest. The wine is not topped off during this period, and a voile, or veil, develops. The voile is a film-forming yeast that covers the wine’s surface, similar to the flor of Jerez. The resulting wine is aldehydic, with nutty, almost curried flavor carried on a delicate, dry palate. Unlike sherry, vin jaune is not fortified. Château Chalon wines must be bottled in a clavelin, a squat 62 cl bottle, and represent the classic vin jaune style. In poor vintages like 1980 or 1984, the Château Chalon wines may be declassified to the less-specific Côtes du Jura AOP.


What is Nature in the Jura



Macvin du Jura AOP

Vin de liqueur is produced as Macvin du Jura AOP, wherein aged Marc is added to unfermented grape must, resulting in a sweet, unfermented but alcoholic grape juice. Macvin du Jura may be red, white, or rosé, and must be aged for one year in oak after mutage.


Crémant du Jura AOP

Méthode traditionelle sparkling wines are released under the Crémant du Jura AOP, a newer designation established in 1995