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Relative clauses

A relative clause provides additional information about a previously mentioned noun or pronoun. The clause is introduced by a relative pronoun, which refers back to the noun or pronoun (called an antecedent). A relative clause is a dependent clause, and thus the verb is in final position. In written German, relative clauses are set off from main clauses by commas.


Relative pronouns

M N F Pl
Nominative-der das die die
Accusative-den das die die
Dative- dem dem der denen
Genitive- dessen(m&n) deren(f&pl)


Relative pronouns usage

The gender of the relative of the pronoun depends on the gender of the noun to which it refers. Whether a noun is singular or plural also depends on the noun to which it refers.

The case of the relative pronoun is determined by it's function within it's clause (subject, direct object, indirect object, ect.).