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What is proximate analysis?

Food analysis concerned with determination of the main compositional conponents


What is ultimate analysis?

Determination for a particular element/compound (i.e. Vitamin or mineral)


Which is not a direct factor in the value of a chem analysis result?
A. Food sample rep
B. How representative of batch that it was takenh
C. mood of the scientist
D. kind of chemical info required



How do you homogenize plant and animal tissue?

Chopping and blending


How do you homogenize liquids and pulverized material?

Pour sample fr one container to another
OR mix by stirring


Pick the false statement
A.Oils and fats are best homogenized when gently warmed and mixed
B.Butter and margarine are homogenized in the fridge
C.For homogenization of dry foods, submit a coarse powder and mix
D.Chocolate and cheese must be grated and handmixed before considered homogenized

They are re-emulsified by shaking by hand in glass contained after warming to 35 deg C


In Vit C analysis, when must analytical procedure be done?

Directly after homogenization


Which is false?
A. All prepared food samples must be transferred to dry glass/rigid plastic containers
B. Coarse powder of dry food cannot gain moisture anymore
C. Cold temp storage must be used for good sample
D. None of the above