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Cats are likely descendant from what?

African wildcat


Who was domesticated most recently, cats or dogs?

Cats, they were domesticated 4,000-15,000 years ago


Dogs are most likely descendant from _______.



Dogs were selected to work with humans for what purposes?

o Hunting
o Guarding
o Announcing intruders


Cats were selected to work for humans for what purposes?

o Control rodents
o Hunt and capture small prey


Dogs are skilled at what?

Reading human gestures


Cat selection was based on hunting ability. Why?

• Strong desire for cats to retain their feral hunting abilities
• Cats are obligate carnivores


What are signs of a relaxed dog?

• Ear relaxed or forward
• Mouth can be closed or slightly open
• Slack jaw
o With or without smile
o Tip of tongue visible
o Teeth covered
• Tail neutral (not high or low) relaxed wag


What are some signs of an overbearing dog?

• Head held high
• Stands tall with chest out
• Ears forward
• Tail flags up


What are some signs of an anxious dog?

• Air lick or lip lick
• Heads stretched forward and lowered
• Eyes rounded or half closed
• Avoids eye contact


What are some signs of fear in dogs?

• Head lowered or looking away
• Crouching, eyes round and wide
• Gaze averted
• Ears pinned back


What are a dog's invite to play?

• Dogs will perform play-bows when inviting another dog to play
• Play bows are signaled by lowered front quarters, raised hind quarters, and tail up
• Gaze is usually intent on desired play object


What do puckered whiskers tell you about cats?

They're on edge, may be curious, insecure or aggressive.


What do relaxed whiskers tell you about cats?

Cat may be calm, playful and relaxed


A puffy coat on a cat?

Unhappy cat
-Cats tend to puff up their entire coat rather than just their hackles


A sideways body position in a cat indicates what?

Aggression or threat since cats turn sideways to appear bigger


Tightly tucked legs/tails in a cat say what?

Legs pulled close to the body indicate a cat that is uncomfortable