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Is the honeybee dance learned?

Boundaries for each dance appear linked to a single gene.


What did Tautz discover about the waggle dance?

The effectiveness of the waggle dance is impacted by hive conditions.


Bees raised at ________ temps were less likely to dance and made fewer loops when they did dance.



Describe the naked mole rat.

Lives in colonies with a single queen who mates with males. All other member don't breed but work in the colony


Naked mole rats have a genetic relatedness of r= ?



How do naked mole rat colonies prevent breeding?

Reproduction is suppressed through aggression, not chemical castration.


What did Zahavi say about honesty in signals?

Receivers will not respond if the signal is dishonest or unreliable. Honesty may evolve if the signals are impossible to fake or if the signal is costly to produce.


What is the handicap hypothesis?

Signals that cause a drain on resources can only be maintained by people with ample access to resources.


Describe a search image.

A hypothetical mental picture of a prey item used by a predator to search specifically for prey.


Describe a sign stimulus.

The component of an action or object that triggers a fixed action response in an animal.


Describe the studies of Jack Hailman.

Studies begging response of herring vs. laughing gulls.
Baby chicks show no distinction.
6 day old herrings showed a distinct preference


Describe what a releaser is.

A stimulus given by one animal to another as a social signal.


What did Konrad Lorenz study?

How innate and acquired components of behavior are innate integrated by studying imprinting in geese.


Describe a fixed action pattern as defined by Lorenz.

Innate, stereotypes response triggered by a well-defined simple stimulus. Usually completed to completion. Hard wired and immutable.


Describe imprinting.

A form of phase sensitive learning that occurs rapidly and independently from consequences (typically has a sensitive period)
Example: dog shake when wet


Define filial imprinting.

The process through which a young animal identifies and learns from a parent figure.


Define sexual imprinting

The development of preferential selection of specific characteristics in identifying mates.


What are intention movements?

Movements made when the animal is getting ready to perform a particular behavior


Describe displacement behaviors.

A set of behaviors that indicate conflict in a situation. Will occur when an animal is unsure of response protocols. Has a calming effect.