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What is France's longest river?  In which direction does it flow?

The Loire River is France's longest river.

It flows from east to west, emptying in the Atlantic Ocean.


From west to east, what are the 4 major subregions of the Loire Valley?

  • Nantais
  • Anjou-Saumur
  • Touraine
  • Central Vineyards


What is the IGP in the Loire that covers the entire region?

Val de Loire IGP


Crémant de Loire production primarily takes place in which Loire Valley subregion?

What grape is traditionally used?

Subregion: Saumur

Grape: Chenin Blanc

Fun Fact: Crémant de Loire is made using Traditional Method


How do the climates of Pays Nantais and Central Vineyards differ?

The climate in Nantais is Maritime.

The climate in Central Valley is Continental.


The Mauges Hills protect which subregion in the Loire Valley?



Which Loire subregion has pockets of stony soils and is warm and dry despite its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean?



Which Loire subregion, despite being further inland, has a cooler + wetter climate than Anjou?

(Hint: it also has a lot of clay soils)



What is a common weather threat in the Loire Valley?

High levels of rainfall, which makes fungal pressure high.


What are the benefits that vineyards gain from facing the Loire River?

The river will reflect light and warmth to vineyards facing it which help vineyards at this northerly latitude.


The vineyards in the Loire Valley with the most advantageous positions are:

  • South facing (to maximize sun exposure)
  • Mid-slope (for best drainage)
  • Face the Loire River (reflected light and warmth)


What are the 4 predominant grape varieties of the Loire Valley and their areas of production?

  • Melon de Bourgogne/Melon Blanc: Nantais
  • Chenin Blanc: Anjou + Touraine
  • Cabernet Franc: Anjou + Touraine
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Central Vineyards + Touraine


Name some of the black grapes grown in the Loire Valley.

  • Cabernet Franc
  • Gamay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Grolleau



What are the Loire Valley's 4 most eminent appellations growing Sauvignon Blanc?

  1. Sancerre
  2. Pouilly-Fumé
  3. Menetou-Salon
  4. Touraine


What are differences or similarities between Melon de Bourgogne/Melon Blanc and Muscadet?

Muscadet is an AOP in the Loire Valley that only makes dry white wines.

Melon de Bourgogne/Melon Blanc is the grape variety that goes into Muscadet AOP.


What is the maximum abv % allowed for any Muscadet?

maximum 12% abv


What is a synonym for Melon de Bourgogne?

Melon Blanc


What does “Sur Lie” mean on a bottle of Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie?

Sur Lie is a French word meaning "on the lees."

  • Must be aged on its fine lees until the spring the year following harvest;
  • Lees give a bit of texture and a slight yeasty flavor to the wine.


The Nantais subregion produces mainly __(1)__wine from the __(2)__ grape variety.

  1. Bone dry white wine 
  2. Melon de Bourgogne grape variety


Wines from Rosé de Loire AOP are:

  • dry, off-dry, or sweet?
  • minimum __% of what grapes?
  • mostly produced where?

  • Always dry;
  • Min. 30% Cab Sauv and/or Cab Franc;
  • Mostly produced in Anjou.



Which is the predominant grape in Rosé d'Anjou?


It is usually blended with local grapes like Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Côt, Gamay, Pineau d'Aunis.


What style of wine is produced in Cabernet d'Anjou AOP?

Still, medium-sweet rosés made from Cabernet Franc + Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fun Fact: They must have minimum 10 g/L of residual sugar.



Of the still rosés produced in Anjou-Saumur, which one is the highest quality?

Cabernet d'Anjou


Rosés in the Loire Valley are made by using either of these techniques:

  1. Direct pressing
  2. Short skin maceration


What is the most widely grown white grape of the Touraine and Anjou subregions?

Chenin Blanc

It can be made into sparkling and still wines, from dry to sweet.


What is the primary grape variety used for sweet wine in the Loire Valley?

Chenin Blanc


Is Chenin Blanc an age-worthy wine?

Yes, Chenin Blanc is extremely age worthy.

All styles of Chenin Blanc can be aged for years or decades thanks to its natural high acidity and potential for flavor development.


Which wine is dry and full bodied?:

  • Savennières AOP
  • Coteaux du Layon AOP

Savennières AOP


What style of wine is Coteaux du Layon?

Late harvest sweet wine


Is Coteaux du Layon on the north or south side of the River Layon?

What develops well here?

South side, where botrytis develops well.