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2 Brainstem Structures w/ Corticospinal Fibers

Cerebral peduncle and pyramid


2 Structures Bordering Cerebral Aqueduct

Tectum and tegmentum of midbrain above and below, respectively (w/ latter having CN III coming out)


1.2 Contents of Tectum of Midbrain

Corpora quadrigemina w/ superior colliculi for vision and inferior colliculi for auditory


2 Structures that Connect Brainstem to Cerebellum

Superior and middle cerebellar peduncles


Only CN That arises from dorsal side of brain stem



11 Structures Through Caudal Medulla

Corticospinal tract/pyramid (cross over and become contralateral)
Spinothalamic Tract (unchanged)
Spinocerebellar tracts (unchanged)
Spinal tract of V (trigeminal)
Fasciculi cuneatus and gracilis, and their nuclei
Medial lemniscus
Nucleus of spinal tract of V
Trigeminothalamic tract


Medial Lemniscus

After cuneatus and gracilis synapse at their nuclei, the 2nd order neurons desuccate and continue up contralaterally


Trigeminal Path Through Medulla

Brings in sensory information from whole head and neck ipsilaterally, so also IX, X, V, brings in Spinal Tract of V, synapses in nucleus of spinal tract of V, and then desuccates to trigeminothalamic tract just lateral to medial lemniscus and continues up contralaterally


Main Desuccation Point

Caudal Medulla


Distinct Landmark of Rostral Medulla

Inferior Olive


6 Nuclei in Rostral Medulla

Nucleus ambiguous
Spinal nucleus of V
Nucleus solitarius
Vestibular nuclei
Dorsal motor nucleus of X
Hypoglossal nucleus


8 Tracts in Rostral Medulla

Corticospinal tract (pyramid) (contra now)
Medial lemniscus
Rubrospinal Tract
Trigeminothalamic tract
Medial longitudinal fasciculus
Nucleus fasciculus
Hypoglossal n. (XII)


Nucleus Ambiguous

Controls motor fibers for pharynx, larynx, and palate so CN IX and X have motor cell bodies there


Nucleus Solitarius

Sensory taste, so cell bodies for VII, IX, and X


Medial longitudinal fasciculus (MLFs)

Integrate 3 eye muscle nuclei w/ muscles in neck so everything aligns


3 Actions of Glossopharyngeal (IX)

Sensory from ipsilateral pharynx and taste from posterior 1/3 of tongue
Innervates ipsilateral stylopharyngeus muscle
Innervates parotid gland


2 Exits of IX and X

Medulla from postolivary sulcus, skull via jugular foramen


Lesion of IX (2)

Loss of gag reflex, parotid secretion


4 Nuclei for IX

Inferior salivatory nucleus (in same plane as dorsal motor nucleus of X) for parasymp motor to parotid
Spinal nucleus of V - sensation from pharynx
Nucleus solitarius - taste
Nucleus ambiguous - motor to stylopharyngeus


4 Nuclei for Vagus

Dorsal motor nucleus of vagus for parasymp motor to lung and GI
Spinal nucleus of V for sensation from larynx
Nucleus solitarius for sensory from cardiac/resp/GI
Nucleus ambiguous for motor to pharyngeal/laryngeal/cardiac muscle


Hypoglossal n. 2 Exits

Medulla in preolivary sulcus and skull through hypoglossal canal


Raphe Nuclei

Diffuse area in centerish w/ large serotonergic cell bodies to recognize pain and wakefulness and shit