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Pathology of Cerebral Infarct

PMNs spare, instead macs w/in a week, will become cystic, and Wallerian degeneration in axons distant to infarct


Big Sign of Hemorrhage

Displacement rather than degradation of parenchyma


Vascular Damage in Hypertension (Location and 4)

Mainly in BG: arteriolarsclerosis and microaneurysms (Charcot-Bouchard, weakening of b.v.s causing them)
Subcortical infarcts - lacunar
Subcortical arteriolarsclerotic leukoencephalopathy with dementia - Binswanger's disease (extends to white matter)


Saccular (Berry) Aneurysms

Most common cerebral aneurysms, at CoW branch points. High mortality/disability/rebleeding. Bleeding covers brainstem


Aneurysms at Branch Point

No media right at inside of "Y", so dilatation forms that can burst


2 Vascular Malformations (and how they form)

Arteriovenous Malformation and Hemangioma - normal transition from fetal vascular plexus to adult vasculature (artery-arteriole-capillary-venule-vein) doesn't take place


Cerebral Amyloid Agiopathy

Any protein w/ beta pleated sheet configuration. Beta amyloid protein most concerning, present sporadically in elder, in AD, and in traumatic encephalopathy. Disease of small cortical arterioles in SAH and causes multiple small infarcts


Congo red stain

Reveals yellow-green dichroism with polarized light for Amyloid Beta Protein