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Anterior White Commisure

Central cord where 2nd order pain/temp neurons cross over at level of entry in SC. so if you lesion, get bilateral loss only at that level


Important Point About Anterior Corticospinal Tract

Doesn't decussate in pyramid, instead control musculature where coordination b/w muscles on both sides of body important like trunk musculature


Babinski Test

Tests corticospinal tract/UMNs. Drag point across sole and should flex toes down. If UMNs not working get Babinksi sign, fanning of toes


5 Characteristics of UMN Lesions

Muscle weakness
Hypertonia and increased deep tendon reflexes
No atrophy or fasciculations


5 Characteristics of LMN Lesions

Muscle weakness/wasting
Hypotonia and decreased tendon reflexes
Fibrillations and fasciculations


VII UMN Lesion

Contralateral paralysis below eye. Ask to raise eyebrowns


VII LMN Lesion

Ipsilateral loss of whole face


XII UMN vs. LMN Lesion

UMN will go contro, LMN ipsi


How to test Dorsal Column Lesion (like from syphilis)

Romberg's test, won't be able to stand straight w/ eyes close bc lost some proprio