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Generic name of metfomrkn



What class of medications is metformin?



Describe action of metformin

decreased hepatic gluconeogenesis
Increase peripheral insulin sensitivity, decrease intestinal absorption of glucose,
does not cause weight gain


what is the change in a1c of metformin

1 to 2%


what are the contraindications of metformin

creatinine greater than 1.5 in men and 1.4 in women, hepatic dysfunction, acidosis, hypoxia, increased alcohol intake, taking drugs for congestive heart failure


what are the side effects of taking metformin

nausea and diarrhea, must take with food or milk, ok to take with pregnancy


why should you stop metformin

IV contrast, acute hypoxia, need to have normal renal function before starting.
acute myocardial infarction, acute exacerbation of congestive heart failure, major surgical procedures, metformin is excreted by kidneys which is why patients with renal dysfunction should not be on it , should not take with hepatic dysfunction because lactate metabolism is carried out by the liver andbecause this can predispose them to lactic acidosis


Can someone take metformin if they're not making enough insulin

metformin has proven to be an effective antihyperglycemic agent but requires endogenous insulin production for its effectiveness


metformin doses

500 2550 milligrams daily, max effective 2000 milligram daily, initiated at low dose, take those is just before meals, can be taken in children 10 years of age or older starting at 250 milligrams twice daily


describe effects of metformin on pregnancy

FDA approved for pregnancy, questionable whether metformin is excreted through human milk, nursing women should discontinue metformin or discontinue nursing to avoid hypoglycemia and breastfeeding infants


positive side effects of taking metformin

2 - 5 kilogram weight loss, triglycerides reduced by 16%, LDL cholesterol reduced by 8%, total cholesterol reduced by 5%, HDL increased by 2%


instructions for patience about metformin

take with food to reduce GI side effects, combination therapies can cause hypoglycemia promise women of reproductive age can get pregnant because metformin can restore ovulation and women due to insulin resistance previously, 30% of users have GI side effects not go away in 7 to 14 days, metallic taste in mouth will go away with time