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Is the medication T z d a hypoglycemic agent

Now, it does not increase insulin secretion


What are T z d

Insulin sensitizers.
Improves sensitivity of muscle cells through activation of PPAR-g


What are the two types of drugs in the T z d family

Pioglotazone (actos)
Rosiglitazone (avandia)


What is the dose for actos

15-45 mg daily
Once daily, take with main meal, do not increase dose more than 4 weeks apart


What is the dose for avandia

2-8mg daily. Do not increase dose is less than 4 weeks apart.
Can be daily or BID
take with main meal of the day, war with the two primary means of two daily doses are needed


There is an increased risk of ________ when taking avandia

Cardiovascular disease, can increase risk of myocardial infarction by 30 to 40%.
This is different from Actos which suggests a beneficial effect on cardiovascular disease


How long does it take to access full benefit of T z d

8 - 12 weeks


Where are tzd metabolized



How are tzd classified and pregnancy

Category C and are not indicated in pregnancy, or for breastfeeding women or children me restore ovulation and women due to insulin resistance


When in combination with insulin, T z d can cause...

Edema, fluid retention, heart failure


Describe effects that T z d can have on weight

Combination of fluid retention and subcutaneous fat accumulation can cause weight gain


Describe the difference in lipid panel between Actos and Avandia

Actos can elevate HDL cholesterol, Avandia can increase HDL and LDL cholesterol


Tzd should be used with caution in what patients

Hepatic dysfunction because it can elevate hepatic enzyme


T z d contraindications

Heart failure, liver disease