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Name the articulating surfaces of the hip joint

- Acetabulum (depression in the lateral side of the pelvic girdle)

- Head of the femur (fits into the acetabulum)

- Both are covered in articulate cartilage that is thicker in areas that bear more weight


What is the function of the ligaments in the hip joint?

Increase stability


What is the only intracapsular ligament of the hip joint?

What are its attachments?

- Ligament of head of femur

- Acetabular fossa to fovea of the femur

- Encloses a small portion of obturator artery


What are the extracapsular ligaments?

- Iliofemoral

- Pubofemoral

- Ischiofemoral


What are the attachments of the iliofemoral ligament?

What is its function?

- Ilium (inferior to AIIS)

- Intertrochanteric line (2 places)

- Prevents hyperextension of the hip


What are the attachments of the Pubofemoral ligament?

What is its function?

- Iliopubic eminance and obturator eminance

- Blends with articular capsule

- Prevents excessive abduction and extension


What are the attachments of the Ischiofemoral ligament?

What are the functions?

- Ischium

- Greater trochanter

- Excessive extension of the femur


How is vascular supply to the hip joint achieved?

- Medial and lateral circumflex arteries

- Medial supplies majority of the blood (damage causes avascular necrosis)

- Lateral has to penetrate through thick iliofemoral ligament to reach hip


What type of joint is the hip joint?

Synovial ball and socket

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