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Apostolic succession

Term used to describe the lineage of the Catholic bishops and pope through the ages by which each holds office in a direct link to the Twelve Apostles.


Council of Jerusalem

Recounted in Acts 15, this synod of Apostles around AD 49 or 50 spoke with the authority of the Holy Spirit in deciding that Gentile converts to Christianity did not have to be circumcised or obey the Law of Moses.


Deposit of Faith

The heritage of faith contained in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, handed down on in the Church from the time of the apostles, from which the Magisterium draws all that it proposes for belief as being divinely revealed.


Ecumenical Council; related to Council

From the Greek word oikoumene, meaning "the whole world." A formal synod of bishops (sometimes with other ecclesiastics) from the whole inhabited world convened to define doctrine, regulate the Christian life, or apply discipline in the Church. The first ecumenical council was held at Nicæa in AD 325.



Immunity from error and any possibility of error. The Church possesses this character as promised by Christ, as does the pope as defined by the First Vatican Council (1870).



The name given to the universal teaching authority of the pope and the bishops in communion with him, which guides the members of the Church without error in matters of faith and morals through the interpretation of Sacred Scripture and Tradition.


Sensus Fidelium

Literally "the sense of the faithful," the term refers to the inerrancy possessed by all the faithful when they share a universal consent in matters of faith and morals.


Tradition; related to Sacred Tradition

From the Latin traditio, meaning "handing down." Sacred Tradition is a part of the Deposit of Faith. It is the Word of God entrusted by Christ to the Apostles and their successors and communicated by preaching and teaching to every generation of Christians under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who keeps if free from error. Sacred Tradition preceded Sacred Scripture, which grew out of Sacred Tradition with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Human traditions or traditions of men are man-made acts and rituals that did not originate with Christ.


Allegorical Sense

The spiritual interpretation of Scripture that shows how people and events in history suggest future people and events. For instance, the allegorical sense of Abraham sacrificing Isaac is God’s sacrifice of his own son Jesus. Also known as the typical sense, it is a type of spiritual sense.



A prolonged metaphor. Related to parables and fables, it uses a storytelling format rich with symbols to make a statement about a real-life situation. It is a type of improper literal sense.