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a form of non-violent illegal activity that seeks to persuade people to correct an injustice in society

civil disobedience


a labor-rights activist who was born in New Mexico and helped organize farm laborers in California to demand a living wage from their employers

dolores huerta


a Los Lunas resident who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor after he threw himself on a live grenade in order to save the lives of his fellow soldiers during the Vietnam War

daniel fernandez


a psychiatric condition experienced by many returning veterans who witnessed traumatic violence during the Vietnam War or other traumatic events



agreement signed by the US government that promised to honor the property rights of New Mexicans whose families had settled here long before it was an American territory

treaty of guadalupe hidalgo


an unsuccessful attempt during the 1970s to get equal pay for women mandated by the U.S. Constitution



closed in 1994, it was one of the largest nuclear weapons storage facilities in the nation during the Cold War

manzano base


Communist forces that employed civilian soldiers, in some cases even children, to attack US servicemen in the southeast Asia

Viet Cong


controversial nuclear waste storage facility near Carlsbad that took nearly 30 years to develop and officially opened in 1999



controversy that resulted in the Archbishop of Santa Fe removing many Catholic nuns from teaching positions in New Mexico public schools

dixon school case


federal legislation that gave veterans financial aid to help them establish careers and households in civilian life

GI Bill


heavily-protested US military engagement in Asia during the 1960s that ended with a Communist takeover of an area the US had pledged to defend

vietnam war


home of Strategic Air Command, the bombing squad that would deliver atomic weapons in the event of a Soviet nuclear attack, until its closure in 1967

walker air force base


implemented large-scale discrimination against Hispanics and was successfully pressured to stop

empire zinc corporation


Irish-Navajo sheepherder who discovered uranium in the mountains north of Grants, NM in 1950

patricio martinez


Isleta pueblo teacher whose 1949 federal court case earned Native Americans in NM the right to vote

miguel trujillo


location just south of Albuquerque where over 1900 thermonuclear weapons are stored, making it the largest nuclear storage facility in the country



military location where much of the early development of space-travel technology took place

holloman air force base


organization developed to return possession of many New Mexico lands to their original Hispanic owners

la alianza federal de mercedes


pioneering Albuquerque balloonist and outdoor sports enthusiast who is responsible in part for two of Albuquerque’s biggest tourist attractions

ben abruzzo


place where 4 anti-war protesters were killed by national guardsmen in 1970, sparking a nationwide set of campus protests, including one that turned violent at UNM

Kent State


refugees who sought to escape a brutal Communist dictatorship after the United States ended its involvement in Vietnam

boat people


Rio Arriba county district attorney who didn’t go in to work on June 5, 1967

alfonso sanchez


sacred site that returned to the control of Taos Pueblo after nearly sixty years of advocacy and activism

blue lake


Texas-born, self-taught political activist who led an armed insurrection against the Rio Arriba county government during the late 1960s

Reies Lopez Tijerina


the governor of New Mexico from 1967-1970 who called on the National Guard on more than one occasion to deal with protests that got out of hand

david cargo


thirty-six hour ordeal that resulted in the violent deaths of 33 people and the torture and abuse of a hundred more

Santa Fe Prison Riot


UNM basketball coach during the 1970s who brought the team great success but was also found to have falsified student-athletes academic records so that they were eligible to play

norm ellenberger


unofficial war that resulted in the deaths of nearly 54,000 American soldiers between 1950-1953

korean conflict


young Navajo student who turned to violence after his attempts to stop the exploitation of his people by the mayor of Gallup failed

larry casuse