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a conflict at the end of the 19th century wherein NM fought bravely for the United States, dispelling the idea that our state might be disloyal to its country

spanish-american war


a famous late 19th century feud between two factions in southern NM the made Billy the Kid a household name

Lincoln County War


a group of corrupt lawyers and politicians who controlled New Mexico politics during its territorial period

Santa Fe Ring


a New Mexican who fought served bravely for the US and died during the Spanish-American War

Maximiliano Luna


a special unit of cavalry organized by Teddy Roosevelt and full of NM recruits that played an important part in the American campaign in Cuba during the Spanish-American War

Rough Riders


a violent conflict between New Mexicans and the American army in Taos and Mora that gave our state a reputation for disloyalty that lasted quite a while afterwards

Revolt of 1847


American brigadier general who put the state under American control for the first time in 1846

Stephen Watts Kearny


an addendum that sought to protect New Mexican’s land ownership claims following the Mexican-American War

Protocol of Queretaro


arrived in NM in 1880, and helped to connect our state to the rest of the nation, lessening our “foreign” reputation

Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad


failed initiative for New Mexico and Arizona to petition for statehood together

jointure movement


first New Mexican to be tried for treason following the end of the Taos Rebellion; convicted but never executed

Antonio Maria Trujillo


“Gettysburg of the West” during the Civil War; occurred between Las Vegas and Santa Fe and secured Union control of New Mexico and the Southwest

Battle of Glorieta pass


his death in 1909 cemented in many Americans’ minds the fact that the Indian Wars of the West were a thing of the past



infamous symbol of the violence, criminality, and lawlessness of the NM territory during the late 19th century

Willian "Billy the Kid" Bonney


law that officially made NM a US territory and temporarily resolved the conflict over slavery’s expansion following the end of the Mexican-American War

Compromise of 1850


egendary explorer, trader, and military commander who was charged with carrying out the forced removal of the Navajo

Col. Christopher "Kit" Carson


the forced relocation of the Navajo during the mid-1860s from their homelands in northwestern NM to a reservation on NM’s eastern plains

Long Walk


the foremost opponent of New Mexico statehood in Congress during the first decade of the 20th century

Senator Beveridge


the formal resolution of the Mexican-American War that transferred political control of NM to the United States

treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo


the southern NM businessman whose assassination in 1878 sparked an extended violent feud that made NM famous as a wild, lawless territory

John T. Turnstall


the strategy for quelling Indian raids in the West that involved forcibly re-educating Native American tribes to adopt Western habits and values