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Which of the following indicate the appropriate height range for performing depth jump training
effectively and safely?

16 to 42 inches (41 to 107 cm)


Case Study: Your new client is a 38-year old female that wants to be able to participate in a 3-day
charity walk. Her ultimate goal is to gradually improve her cardiovascular fitness. Which of the
following exercise programs should you initially prescribe to best meet your client's needs?

3-5 days a week, 20-60 minutes in duration, 40-85% HRR


Case Study: A female client expresses an interest in joining a recreational crew team. She hires
you to train her to withstand the demands of the sport. You design a resistance training program
that includes low reps, 4-6 sets of high intensity squats and seated row within a comprehensive
resistance training program. You gradually increase her sets and load/intensity. In addition, you
have included sprints and long distance swimming in her overall program plan. Which of the
following training principles have you incorporated?

specificity, overload and variation


With respect to the exercise prescription for children (defined as < 13 years), it can be said that

adult guidelines for resistance training can generally be applied


An exercise prescription for your pregnant client should include _____.

dynamic, rhythmic activities that use the large muscle groups


Which of the following statements is correct regarding the warm-up and cool-down components of
the exercise training session?

Cool-down should approximate an intensity that is between 40 and 60% of VO2R


Neural mechanisms responsible for adaptations in strength and power include all of the following
EXCEPT an increased _____.

antagonist muscle coactivation


General guidelines to follow when prescribing resistance training exercise to the client with arthritis
include which of the following?

regimens with a frequency of 2-3 days per week


Which of the following factors affect intensity of lower body plyometric drills?

speed, height of the drill, and body weight


Which of the following indicates the correct order for a traditional periodization program for
resistance training?

hypertrophy, strength/power, peaking, recovery


"I have been thinking about starting an exercise program, but there never seems to be enough
time," is an example of which stage in the Transtheoretical Model?



What motivational strategy is used to help an individual reframe negative statements into positive

Cognitive restructuring


What type of learner would benefit from a handout with written instructions?



An auditory learner benefits most from which of the following?

Voice cues


When discussing strategies for changing physical activity habits with clients, it is usually best to:

assist clients to formulate their own behavior change strategies based on what has worked for
them before.


Stimulus control as a behavioral strategy to enhance exercise adherence can best be described

utilizing environmental cues to remind participants to maintain their commitment to exercise.


An individual participates regularly in his workplace fitness program because he earns a discount
on his health insurance premium for doing so. For this individual, the discount is an example of
________ .

Extrinsic motivation


Which of the following terms finish the acronym SMART with respect to goal setting: Specific,
Measurable, Attainable __________ and ____________.

Realistic, Time-anchored


Which of the following theories addresses the human need to explain why things happen in an
attempt to gain control or increase predictability?



Case study: After demonstrating a variety of weight training exercises to a new client, you ask if
she has any questions. The client does not have any questions even though you observe her
performing an exercise with improper form.

After re-teaching the exercise, you should then reframe your questions to be more specific in order
to __________________________.

check for understanding