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List what the RCVS states for clients to told to give consent

Clear written information about practice arrangement and information about patient care and out of hours
Ensure skills being used to treat patients are up to date and with in competency
Keep clear records
Make client aware who is performing what
Treat all clients fairly without discrimination


What are consent forms needed for?

Surgical or medical procedures


List what is required on a medical consent form

Patient and owner details
Contact number
Cost outline
Medical history
Last eaten and drank
Vet surgery and staff details
Owner signature
Procedure risks, extra procedures


List what is required on a euthanasia consent form

Animal and owner details
Practice details
Owner signature
Method of disposal including donor options
Details consent for euthanasia
Costs involved and how to pay


What needs to be done in accompaniment of written consent forms?

Verbal discussing fully informing client of situation


What needs explaining to an owner to allow them to give informed consent?

Nature, purpose and benefit of treatment
Likely outcomes and risks
Financial estimates
Further possible procedures
Range of available options


What situation doesn't need owner consent?

Delay in gaining consent would cause adverse affects to animals welfare


Who can gain consent from an owner?

Usually the vet but can be delegated to anyone with good understanding of procedure and risks


What to do in the case an owner won't listen to costs, risks etc?

Document clearly


Should the owner be given a copy of a consent form?



What to do if the planned treatment changess?

Make owner aware as soon as possible and record on clinical records


Can under 16s give consent?

Only with a parent countersigning


Can under 18s make a binding contract?

No, can't be liable for fees


When does particular care need to be taken when providing treatment to an animal who's owner is under 18?

When treatment involves controlled drugs


How should clinical records be kept?

Secure and confidential
Backed up when electronic


How long do clinical records need to be kept?

Determined by practices own policies, except records of controlled drugs which need keeping for 5 years


What needs to be protected when destroying records?



What happens if owner wants to erase data?

Right to do so if no longer needed, consent is withdrawn or data was gained unlawfully.
Practice can refuse when needs to keep to comply with legal obligation


Explain the process of admitting a patient

Use GA consent form and explain process to client in quiet room in appropriate terminology, dont make assumptions
Go over insurance policy
Give information about contacting after procedure including phone number
Weight patient
Use practice protocols for leads, collars etc
Put in kennel and write on ops board


How to ensure client is reassured while patient is in vet practice?

Give clear details of when to expect to be contacted
If get too busy delegate updates to someone with time


Explain the process of discharging a patient

Make sure patient is ready
Talk to owner about after care, medications etc. before bringing patient in
Book follow up appointment and contact details if need to contact before appointment


List the general requirements for special patient care

Food and water
Toilet opportunity
TPR monitoring
Mental stimulation
Medication, wound care


What is meant by a holistic approach to patient care?

Addressing patient as a whole and not just a disease, accounting for physical and emotional health so is a tailored approach


Explain the stages of observations

Subjective- own opinion that can't be measured, usually by nurse
Objective- measurable medical parameters, usually by nurse
Assessment- diagnosis, condition and vital signs of a patient, usually by vet
Plan- what to do next, usually by vet


What is useful information to find out about a patient before admitting?

Normal routine
Food type and bowls
Normal toileting routine
Temperature preference
Interactions with others


How to provide heat to a patient?

Hot hands
Wheat bags
Hot water bottle
Bear hugger
Bubble wrap
Make sure patient can move away from source


How to nurse for urination and defecation

Record output and effort
Catheterise when needed
Samples when needed
Type of surface usually goes on


How to provide mental stimulation to hospitalised patients?

Spend time with patients, walking, grooming, play time
Boredom toys
Owner visits when suitable


How to manage patients that cant move well?

Be aware of when movement is compromised and adjust kennel to suit, move water and food close and have padded bedding
Keep regular movement


How to manage food intake in patients in hospital?

Only force feed when necessary
Try to give the most appetising food in normal bowls etc.