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What are the peripheral sites of IV placement?

Cephalic vein- cranial aspect of forelimb
Saphenous vein- lateral aspect of hindlimb


What are the requirements for drug storage in a veterinary practice?

Separate room not accessible to public
No food or drink
Kept orderly and logically organised
Clean and tidy with good stock rotation
Follow manufacturers instructions
Observe expiry dates


What is the law surrounding drug licences?

All medicine sold in UK needs a product licence to prove criteria are met on safety and efficacy


What is the main legislator for drugs in the UK and what is their role?

Veterinary medicinal products directive 2001
Control the manufacture, authorisation, marketing, distribution and post-authorisation surveillance of drugs


Who is legally allowed to prescribe medications?



What must clients be made aware when having medications prescribed?

They are able to get it from another vets or pharmacist


Define POM-V and what does it mean for prescribing?

Prescription only medicine - vet surgeon
Vet must carry out clinical assessment to prescribe the drug


Define POM-VPS and what does it mean for prescribing?

Prescription only medicine - vet, pharmacist or SQP
Clinical assessment not required when supplying the drugs


Define NFA-VPS and what does it mean for prescribing?

Non food animal - vet, pharmacist or SQP
Able to be supplied without a prescription by these people


Define AVM-GSL and what does it mean for prescribing?

Authorised veterinary medicine general sales
No restrictions on supply or who can provide it as long as packaging emphasises its a medicine


What is meant by controlled drugs and what is controlled about them?

Controls production, supply, possession, storage and dispensing of drugs where humans have potential to abuse


What are schedule 1 drugs?

Addictive drugs
Vets have no authority to possess of prescribe, no medicinal use
LSD, cannabis


What are schedule 2 drugs?

Opiate analgesics
Strict rules regulate these
Morphine, ketamine, methadone


What are schedule 3 drugs?

Sleep inducers
Advisable to keep in locked cabinet (buprenorphine must be)
Buprenorphine, tramadol


What are the type of drugs that are schedule 4 drugs, what are restrictions around them and what are examples?

Exempt from control, no restriction in practice
Diazepam, valium


What are schedule 5 drugs

No restrictions
Paracetamol, codine


What are the storage requirements for controlled drugs?

Schedule 2 and 3 must be kept locked in cupboard with only certain key holders allowed access
Drugs must be signed for on register
Schedule 2 must have witnessed destruction


What are the features of the controlled drugs register?

Bound register or computerised system on premises
Purchased drugs recorded within 24 hours
Record when dispensed including patient details, amount and vets signature
Separate pages for drugs and strengths
Keep register 2 years after last entry
Write in indelible ink and sign corrections


What does the law say about prescribing drugs to pateints?

Veterinary medicine must only be administered to animal if medicine has product licence for treatment of the condition in that species


What is an off label drug use and when can it be used?

Using a drug outside the purpose it was authorised for when there is no drug licenced to the species, owner has given permission


What are the legal requirements for a prescription?

Indelible ink
Name, address, phone number, qualifications of person prescribing
Name, address, telephone of owner
Species, ID number of animal
Prescriber signature
Name of drug, amount, strength, dosage and administration instructions
Warnings of the drug
Whether its off licence


What are additional requirements for prescribing controlled drugs?

Hand written by vet
Form, strength and quantity written in numerals and letters
Schedule 2 and 3 dispensed within 28 days
No repeats allowed
Only dispense 28 days worth


What is meant be adverse reactions to drugs?

Harmful, unintentional reaction potentially due to exposure to medicine


How are adverse reactions dealt with in the law?

Vets report using forms from veterinary directive


What are hazardous drugs?

Cause harm to person or patient


How to deal with hazardous drugs, including cytotoxics?

Warning printed on label, work in safe environment with PPE
Cytotoxics- handle in fume cupboard


What are the labelling requirements for drugs?

Name and address of vet and owner
Name of animal
Date of dispensing
'keep out of reach of children'
'animal use only'
'external use only' when topical
Name, strength and quantity of drug
Dose and administration instructions
Storage instructions


How to handle drugs properly?

Avoid contact with skin
Care with carcinogenic drugs
Label all containers


What are the requirements for drug containers?

Child proof
Blister packs in cardboard wallets
Wide mouth jars for powders, creams etc.
Opaque containers for light sensitive drugs
External liquids in fluted bottles
Summarise product characteristics


What is the generic name of the drug?

Chemical/actual drug name