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Membranous labyrinth

Continuous membranous sacs and ducts with in the bony labyrinth. Filled with endolymph fluid.



Central egg shaped cavity of the bony labyrinth, two sacs: saccule and utricle. Houses equillibrim receptors called maculae.


Semicircular canls

Anterior lateral and posterior canals, responds to angular rotational movement of the head.
semicircular ducts inside with ampulla housing equilibrium receptors called crista ampullaris.



Snail shaped and houses the cochlear duct that contains the receptor organ for hearing: the spiral organ or organ of Corti.


3 cochlear chambers (or scalae)

Scala vestibuli
Scala media
Scala tympani


Pathway for sound travel

1. sound waves vibrate eardrum
2. Auditory ossicles vibrate and amplify
3. Pressure waves from the stapes push on oval window and move into the fluid in the scala vestibule
4. Sounds in hearing range go through cochlea duct vibrate basilar membrane and deflecting hairs on inner hair cells.