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Why look at dar and ver together?

Both are:
(I) irregular in the preterite and both have the same endings, which rhyme with those of the verbs ir and ser.

(ii) these verbs share the endings of the regular –er and –ir verbs in the preterite (comer: comí, comiste, comió, comimos, comisteis, comieron; vivir: viví, viviste, vivió, vivimos, vivisteis, vivieron) with the exception that dar, ver, ser, and, ir do not require accents.

(iii) both have the exact same forms in the preterite.


Conjugate dar in the preterit

yo di, tu diste, el/ella/utd dio, nosotros dimos, vosotros disteis, ellos/as,uds dieron


Conjugate ver in the preterit

yo vi, tu viste, el/ella/utd vio, nosotros vimos, vosotros visteis, ellos/as,uds vieron


Mi madre no me dio las llaves del coche.

My mother did not give me the car keys.


Mis hermanos y yo dimos nuestra ropa vieja a la Cruz Roja.

My siblings and I gave our old clothes to the Red Cross.


Las clases de español dieron muchas oportunidades a los estudiantes.

Spanish classes gave many opportunities to students.


No nos dieron ninguna explicación.

They didn’t give us any explanation.


¿Por qué no me diste un beso?

Why you didn’t give me a kiss?


El médico le dio dos meses de vida.

The doctor gave him two months to live.


No vi la señal de Stop.

I didn’t see the Stop sign.


¿No viste el partido?

You didn’t see the game?


¿Cuándo visteis a mi hermano?

When did you guys see my brother?


Nosotros no vimos nada de nada.

We didn’t see anything at all.