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Who is Medea the daughter of? Where is she from?

Aeetes of Colchis, Medea is the granddaughter of Helios, a Titan


Where is Colchis?

On the far edge of the black sea


Who is Medea associated with? Why?

Hecate - she is associated because they both know powerful magic. 


What does the name of Medea mean?

"Active intellect" - she is regarded for her cleverness


As a foreigner, what does Medea do with Jason?

She acts on her own erotic impulse, which is looked down upon in females


In what way does Medea betray her own family?

She helps Jason steal the Golden Fleece from her father, King Aeetes. As they escape on the Argo, King Aeetes follows behind. Medea cuts up her brother, Absyrtus, so her father must stop pursuing them to give him a proper burial 


Why does Jason marry Medea?

To thank her for betraying her family and for capturing the golden fleece


What does Medea do to Pelias? 

At Iolcus, (after Medea kills Absyrtus), Medea convinces Pelias' daughters that if they put Pelias in a cauldron, she will rejuvenate him from his old age like she did with a ram - she then kills Pelias


Where do Medea and Jason flee to after Colchis and Iolcus?



How many children do Medea and Jason have?

2 sons


In Corinth, what does Jason do that displeases Medea?

He arranges to marry the princess of Corinth, although he's already married to Medea


What story is Medea's killing of her 2 sons and the princess of Corinth detailed in?

Euripides' Medea (431 BCE)


What is a concubine? Is Medea one?

Someone of lower status than a wife. In the eyes of Medea, no. In the eyes of Jason, yes. 


Why did Jason likely pursue a relationship with the Princess of Corinth?

Due to Pericles' Athenian Citizenship Law (451/50 BCE) which states that for offspring to be considered Athenian Citizens, both parents must be Athenian.


Therefore, Jason's children could not be considered Athenian citizens because Medea is foreign, from Colchis


Who is the first person to come out in Euripides' Medea? What is one of the first things she speaks about.

Medea's old nurse. She is foreign, old, and a slave to Medea. She states that she wishes the Argo had never even been built in the first place, because then Medea never would have fallen in love with Jason. 


What does "Atime" mean? Who says that about who?

The old nurse says it about medea. It means "dishonoured".


How is Medea similar to Achilles when Jason leaves her for the princess of Corinth?

She feels like Achilles did when Agamemnon took Briseis from him. 

She is as vengeful as Achilles was when Hector killed Patroklus. 


Compare Agamemnon to Jason.

Agamemnon took Achilles' girl Briseis, Jason replaced Medea with the princess of Corinth.

They are different because Agamemnon is still respected and well-liked by the Greeks. Jason is not well liked in Corinth; everyone thinks Jason is being neglectful. 


What does the King of Corinth do to Medea, when she becomes extremely angry at Jason?

He has her exiled from Corinth. She has no where to go - she has betrayed her family, killed her father, and been abandoned by Jason. 


How can Medea be compared to any bride?

Medea is foreign; brides are essentially foreigners in the husband's house as well. 


Who exiles Medea from Corinth?

"Creon" - meaning ruler, of Corinth. She is exiled because she is both angry, and clever, which poses a danger to the Corinthians. 


How does Medea react to being exiled by Creon?

She supplicates him. He is trying to kick her out to protect his family, so she appeals to this. She appeals to Creon as a father of children. She is the mother of children too.

She asks for only one more day, to spend with her children. 


How is Medea similar to Clytemnestra?

Both of them tell big lies.

Clytemnestra welcomes Agamemnon into the house as if he is welcome there, before saying "it was all a lie" and killing him

As soon as Medea is done appealing to Creon, she admits that she has a plan for revenge


Originally, what does Medea intend to do to revenge Jason?

She intends to kill 

1. The King

2. The Princess

3. Jason


When Jason finally enters the play, what happens, what does he do?

He offers Medea money. Medea is livid. She is so angry that Jason let her have kids with him without committing to her. 

She says "I killed for you"


Who does Jason claim to owe his success to (besides Medea)?

Aphrodite. He claims that Aphrodite sailed his ships and took care of him, and that Medea only "fell in love with him" 


What is Jason's defence to Medea after she says she killed for him?

He remarks that Medea actually benefited from being with him, stating that she no longer has to live with "savages" and can rather live among the Greeks


What is Medea's fame for her cleverness attested to?

Jason. Jason states that Medea got all of the fame among the Greeks for her cleverness thanks to him. Jason discounts all of her sacrifices and takes claim for all of the good things that happened in her life. 


What does Jason state that the reason is for choosing the princess of Corinth over Medea?

He says that he was trying to add wealth and prestige to the family, by giving their sons brothers. These brothers would be Athenian citizens (according to Pericles' law of citizenship)


Three different characters state that "they wish that there was some way to get sons without being with a woman". Who are they?

1. Jason to Medea

2. Hippolytus to Phaedra

3. Hesiod: stating that Prometheus brought Pandora into the word; a necessary evil


Where is Aegeus the king of?



Who is Aegeus the father of?

Theseus, although technically Theseus is actually the offspring of Aethra and Poseidon


Where is Aegeus on his way to when he goes through Colchis?

On his way to Troezen, where Theseus will be conceived. He is going to visit King Pittheus (the father of Aethra)


Why is King Aegeus travelling to Troezen?

Because an oracle consulted him to. 


What occurs when Medea encounters King Aegeus?

Aegeus is shocked that Creon exiled Medea, and thinks it is unforgivable. Medea then supplicated Creon - she uses magic to "put a stop to his childlessness" because Aegeus is having trouble conceiving a child. 

Aegeus takes an oath to keep Medea safe. 


Essentially, what does Medea's encounter with Aegeus arrange?

1. For Aegeus to bear children

2. A safe place for her to flee, after the final day before she is completely exiles from Corinth. 


Initially, how does the chorus feel about Medea and her actions? When does this change?

They are on her side initially, agreeing that Jason is not treating her fairly. They are no longer on her side when she discloses to them that she plans to kill Jason and her own two sons


What does Medea characterize herself as?

A fury: helping friends and harming enemies


Why does Medea decide to kill her own sons? Why doesn't she kill Jason?

She kills her sons because it will be the most painful for Jason (even though it will also be painful for her). She doesn't kill Jason because she wants him to suffer.


What does Medea ask of Jason in order to get to a position where she can kill her children? What does she offer?

She asks Jason to ask Creon of Corinth to allow the children to remain behind while Medea is put into exile. 

Medea offers a plentitude of presents, more beautiful than anyone's ever seen. Dresses and crowns, heirlooms descended from Helios, etc.


How is Jason similar to Agamemnon in his reaction when Medea offers all of these gifts just so that Creon will allow their children to stay in Corinth while she is exiled?

Jason is horrified, he says "do you think the royal house lacks gold?"

Similar to when Agamemnon told Clytemnestra that putting down the purple textiles would be a "waste of treasure"


What is the point of no return in Medea's plan?

When Creon accepts her gifts. She is going to have to kill her kids. 


How does Medea feel before she kills her kids?

She renounces her plan, saying that her "heart is faultering", but then, she tells herself not to be a coward and to suck it up, just for one day. She is treating her murder as a heroic undertaking. 


How does Medea kill the king and princess?

By sending textiles that burn their flesh


Compare Medea's use of textile with Deianeira's use of them...

Both kill people (Deineira kills Herakles) by burning their flesh with textiles


Who does Medea kill first, the King and Princess of Corinth, or her sons?

King and princess


What does Jason do when he finds out that the Princess has been killed by the textiles Medea sent? Who informs him that his children are dead?

He freaks out and runs to try and save his children.

The chorus informs him that Medea has already killed them


In the play, where does Medea appear after killing her children?

In the sky, in the chariot of the son (her grandfather's)


What happens to the bodies of Medea and Jason's sons?

Jason wants to bury them, but Medea refuses - she wants to implement a new religion.


How does Jason treat Medea after she killed her sons?

He is so distraught. He calls her a fool, and she tells him not to laugh, because she gets pleasure out of his pain. 


What does Medea finally tell Jason, before she flees to Athens to live with king Aegeus?

She predicts his death: that he will be killed by a relic of the ship he built, the Argo - all of his fame and heroism has been degraded by Medea


Who is described in Sophocles' tragedy Tereus?



Where is Procne from? Who does she marry?

She is from Athens, an Athenian princess. She marries Tereus, a Thracian


Where does Procne go when she marries?

Thracia (the house of her husband)


Who does Procne want to come visit her in Thracia, because she's homesick?

Her sister Philomela


Who is the son of Tereus and Procne?



What happens on Philomela's journey to Thracia with Tereus?

He rapes her, and then cuts her tongue so she cannot tell her story to Procne. Tereus then shuts her into a small cabin in the forest so he can claim to Procne that Philomela died on the way. 


How does Philomela communicate with Procne?

She weaves her story into a tapestry and has it sent to Procne. 


What is Procne's revenge on Tereus?

She chops her own son, Itylus into pieces, and serves it as a dinner for Tereus. Tereus then chases Philomela and Procne. 


What is the metamorphosis in the story of Tereus?

Tereus --> hawk, always chasing the other two

Procne --> nightinggale, crying with endless lament for her son Itylus

Philomela --> swallow with a red patch on its throat (tongue)


What is the significance of the festival of Dionysis in Procne's story?

This is when she sought out Philomela to get revenge on Tereus


What do Medea and Achilles have in common?

Both care about their honour - they don't want people laughing at them.