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Where does Aeneas encounter Anchises in the underworld?

In the Groves of the Blessed, in Tartarus (NOT Hades)


Was Aeneas in Hades?

No, Tartarus, in the Groves of the Blessed


Who else can be found in the Groves of the blessed?

Kings of the past, soldiers, priests, POETS (Virgil says this because HE is a poet)


Where in the Groves of the Blessed is Anchises found?

By the River Lethe, peering into the souls of those who are going to be reincarnated


What is the significance of the River Lethe?

If you drink from the river you forget all of your previous experiences, and can be reborn into the world.

It is a device used by Virgil so that he can show the future of Rome to Aeneas


How far does Anchises show Aeneas into the future?

All the way to the time of Augustus (current to when Virgil wrote his poem)


Who does Aeneas try to embrace 3x (cf. Odysseus with Anticleia)?

1. Creusa
2. Anchises


Significance of "to pacify, to impose the rule of law, to spare the conquered, battle down the proud"?

Anchises says this to Aeneas: The Romans will impose ORDER on the world


How does Aeneas leave the Groves of the Blessed in Tartarus (underworld)?

He exits through the gate of ivory (also known as the gate of false dreams)


How does Book 6 of the Aeneid end?

With Aeneas exiting Tartarus through the gate of ivory/false dreams


Who is the princess at Latium (modern day Rome)? Who is she the daughter of?

Lavinia, the daughter of Latinus and Amata


What does the name Amata mean?



Who has Lavinia been promised to?

Turnus - they are already married


Does the audience ever hear anything from Lavinia?

No. A whole war is fought over her and she has no say over anything.


Whose wife is Lavinia destined to be?

Aeneas' (she is not meant to be married to Turnus), she must marry Aeneas for him to be able to found Lavinia, a precursor for Rome


When is the second time the muses are invoked in the Aeneid?

In Book 7, when the influence of the Iliad takes precedence over the Odyssey


Which god is angry at Aeneas for pursuing Lavinia?

Juno, she wants Carthage to survive, because it's dedicated to her, and Rome is fated to destroy Carthage


Who becomes especially angry with Aeneas for pursuing Lavinia? Who does NOT become angry? Why?

Turnus, Amata, and Juno

Latinus is not angered, he is willing to submit to fate.


Who is allied with Aeneas?

Evander, an old king of Arcadia, as well as his son Pallas


Who is Evander? Where is he from? Who is his son?

Old king of Arcadia, his son is Pallas


Who is Pallas?

The son of Evander (king of Arcadia), who's an ally to Aeneas


Who kills Pallas? What does he do?

Turner kills Pallas, and as his reward he takes Pallas' golden belt and wears it himself


How does Aeneas react to the death of Pallas?

He is enraged


Who is equivalent to Hector in the Aeneid?



Who is equivalent to Achilles in the Aeneid?



Who is equivalent to Patroklus in the Aeneid?



When does Aeneas request divine armour?

After becoming enraged about the death of Pallas (cf. Achilles and Patroklus). Turner has the belt of Pallas, but Aeneas has the armour of the gods


Who allies with Turner?

The Etruscans, as well as the virgin warrior queen Camilla


What threat does Turner makes that Hector also made?

He threatens to set fire to Aeneas' ships, just like Hectore threatened the Greeks


Who is comparable to the Amazons in the Aeneid?

Camilla, a virgin warrior queen, she is allied with Turner, and killed in battle. She is like an Amazon but more rational, more civil (representative of Rome and Roman work)


How does Aeneas get his divine armour? What images are depicted on it - compared to Achilles'?

Venus visits Vulcan (Hephaestus) and asks him to make it for Aeneas. It depicts a lot more specific images. Achilles' shows a general cosmic order. Aeneas' has Rome, Romulus, specific names, places and moments.


What is in the centre of Aeneas' shield? What about the left and right sides?

The stripe of Actium - predicting the future.
Where Augustus Caesar overtook Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. (Shield demonstrates legend + myth + epic)

Sides: one side has Antonius, with Cleopatra following. The other side has th gods


Who is comparable to Cleopatra?

Dido - luxurious, foreign


Which god oversees everything ordered?



Who are the "anti-Romans"?

The Etruscans


How can Turnus be compared to Dido?

He is so overwhelmed by his love for Lavinia that he is willing to die for her. Courageous.


How is Turnus finally killed? When do the gods intervene?

Aeneas chases him around the city 5x (3x with Hector and Achilles), and then Turnus' sister gives him a sword, so he might be able to actually defeat Aeneas.

This is when the gods finally intervene.

Juno and Jupiter talk. Jupiter tells Juno to stop resisting fate.

Juno asks for a favour, Jupiter grants it.

Turnus then falters for a moment, and Aeneas kills him with his sword.


Who is Saturn's daughter?



What is Juno's wish, that's granting finally makes her give in?

She wishes that the Trojans take on the name and language of the Latins. That way the Latins are both native, but also descended from the Trojans.


Upon his death, how does Turnus appeal to Aeneas? Does it work?

As a son - he says to pity his father. He asks for a proper burial. Aeneas almost lets Turnus live, but decides to kill him because he sees Pallas' golden belt and is enraged.


How does the Aeneid end?

With a whimper, with the death of Turnus. Aeneas gave in to his rage and emotion. Aeneas wins the hand of Lavinia


Why is Virgil considered to be such a talented writer?

Because he glorifies Rome, but also shows its shadow side.