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1. The capital city of Canada is _____________.

a. Montreal
b. Ottawa
c. Toronto
d. Vancouver



2. Which of the following does NOT describe the relationship of Canada and USA?

a. United State of America is Canada's second most trading partner
b. Canada is the largest trading partner of USA
c. Canada and United State of America are brotherhood
d. United States and Canada have close ties and common interests



3. Who were the Founding peoples of Canada?

a. Chinese, Aboriginals and French
b. Aboriginal, French and British
c. American, French and British
d. American, Aboriginal and British



4. How long the aboriginals have lived in Canada;

a. More than three hundred years
b. More than one hundred years
c. Two thousand years ago
d. Many thousands of years ago



5. _______________ was burned down by an accidental fire in 1916 and …….?

a. Financial Centre
b. Parliament
c. Peace tower
d. CN tower



6. What is the significance of "D-Day" invasion?

a. Canada won the first battle in the First World War
b. Canadians joined the democratic allies support Nazi to attack Europe
c. Canada lost in this war and injured 20,000 soldiers
d. Canada with allies attack Normandy to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation



7. The first sentence of poem often recited on Remembrance Day is;

a. God keep our land glorious and free
b. Send her victorious
c. In Flanders fields the poppies blow between the crosses
d. O Canada our home and native land!



8. What was the emblem of Canadian flag before 1965

a. The Maple leaf
b. The Beaver
c. The French Crown
d. The Union Jack



9. What is the significance of the Discovery of "Insulin" by two Canadians?

a. It saved lives of children with sickness
b. It was an important medicine to save soldiers' life during World War II
c. A hormone treated millions of lives suffering from diabetes worldwide
d. It helped the treatment of heart diseases



10. Terry Fox is a hero of Canada around the world because he;

a. Fought bravery in the First World War
b. Inspired people to raise money for cancer research
c. Given his life in the Pacific war
d. Saved millions of people’s lives from starving



11. Ontario has;

a. Most Members of Parliament
b. Most land
c. Most people
d. Most Natural Resources



12. What are the Prairie Provinces?

a. Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia
b. Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba
c. Saskatchewan and Manitoba
d. Saskatchewan and Alberta



13. Which political party is in power?

a. The Liberal Party
b. The Conservative Party
c. The New Democratic Party
d. The Parliamentary Party



14. If you did not receive a Voter Information Card, you can;

a. Call Canada post office to confirm your address is correct
b. Write to the candidate in your local electoral district
c. Visit local government office to update your new address
d. Contact Election Canada or your local election office



15. Member of Parliament represents:

a. Only Canadian citizens in the same district (riding/constituency)
b. Everyone living in the same district (riding/constituency)
c. Canadian citizens and new immigrants
d. Canadians and British citizens



16. Who is eligible to vote in Federal and Provincial Elections?

a. Any Canadian citizen aged 18 or older on voting day
b. Any residents aged 18 and a member of the Canadian Forces
c. Any Canadian or British citizen, over 18 years old
d. A Canadian citizen, at least 21 years old and must work for the government



17. The "Responsible Government" practically means:

a. The government is responsible for everything in the country
b. The government is formed by more than two parties in power
c. The government is responsible for making new laws
d. It must resign if the government loses a confidence vote in the assembly



18. What did “Father of Confederation” contribute to Canada’s system of government?

a. To give all powers to provincial/territorial and municipal governments
b. Federal government has all powers to control other two levels of governments
c. Created two levels of government and each of them has its own responsibility
d. Granted British North America Act



19. What are the Atlantic Provinces?

a. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island
b. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Ontario and Quebec
c. Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario
d. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Quebec



20. In Canada, individuals and the governments are:

a. Regulated by law and not by arbitrary actions
b. Individuals can choose the law benefits themselves
c. The government can choose the law to against individuals
d. None of above