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How does traction effect nerves



What are the indications for traction (12)

1. Reduce disc herniation
2. Nerve root impingement
3. Joint hypomobility
4. Subacute inflammation
5. Paraspinal muscle spasm
6. Adhesions
7. Muscle spasm
8. Foraminal stenosis
9. Contracted CT
10. Apophyseal joint impingement
11. Radiating pain that doesn't respon to repeated movements
12. Reduce low back pain


The DRX9000 spinal decompression machine claims to have a success rate of what for patients with LBP



What are possible causes of nerve root impingement (6)

1. Disc
2. Ligament encroachment
3. Narrowing of intervertebral forament
4. Osteophyte encroachment
5. Nerve root swelling
6. Spondylolisthesis


What does traction of a hypomobile joint allow for

The ability to glide and distract spinal joints


What are the contraindications of traction (17)

1. Places that motion is contraindicated
2. With acute injury or inflammation
3. Joint hypermobility or instability
4. Peripheralization of symptoms with traction
5. Uncontrolled hypertension
6. Malignancy
7. Infectious spinal diseases
8. RA
9. Spinal cord compression
10. Osteoporosis
11. Cardiovascular disease
12. Aortic aneurysm
13. Severe respiratory disease
14. Pregnancy
15. Hiatal hernia
16. Abdominal hernia
17. Active peptic ulcers


What are the precautions of traction (10)

1. Structural diseases
2. When pressure from belts may be hazardous
3. Displacement of annular fragment
4. Medial disc protrusion
5. Severe pain fully relieved by traction
6. Claustrophobia
7. Patient can't tolerate prone or supine position
8. Disorientation
9. TMJ problems
10. Dentures


What is inversion traction

Using the body weight to provide distraction force


When was inversion traction popular

10-20 years ago


Why did inversion traction lose popularity

Potential increase in systolic and diastolic BP and ophthalamic artery pressure


What are the 2 types of mechanical traction

1. Static
2. Intermittent


What is static mechanical traction used for (3)

1. Irritable conditions
2. Inflammation
3. Disc protrusions


What is intermittent mechanical traction used for (2)

1. Joint dysfunctions
2. Mobilization effect


What are the application techniques of traction (10)

1. Inversion traction
2. Auto traction
3. Mechanical traction
4. Electric traction
5. Weighted traction
6. Hydraulic traction
7. Self traction
8. Unilateral lumbar traction
9. Positional traction
10. Manual traction


When is supine hook lying position of the patient during mechanical spinal traction the most optimal position (2)

1. General joint hypomobility
2. Spinal stenosis


When is prone position of the patient during mechanical spinal traction the most optimal position (1)

1. Disc conditions


When is unilateral lumbar traction done

For unilateral symptoms


What is the definition of positional traction

Placing a patient in a position for a prolonged period of time so as to decompress target tissue


What is the definition of manual traction

The application of force by the therapist so as to distract the target tissue


How much flexion should the C-spine be placed in during mechanical traction while supine



How much flexion should the C-spine be placed in during mechanical traction while supine if you are treating the AO or AA joint

0 degrees of flexion


What are the 2 types of manual traction

1. Towel traction
2. Conventional manual traction


What is the definition of self traction

The use of gravity or the weight of the body to exert a distraction force on the spine


What were the clinical prediction rule variables that Raney et al determined for cervical traction for mechanical neck pain (5)

1. 55 years old and up
2. Positive shoulder abduction test
3. Positive ULNT A (Elvy's test)
4. Symptoms peripheralize with PACVP of C4-C7
5. Positive neck distraction test


What is considered a quality score for Raney et al's clinical prediction rule



How many of the clinical prediction rules are required for cervical traction to be indicated

3 or more


What does the clinical prediction rule yield for a LR

+ 4.8


What does a + 4.8 LR yield

A small to moderate shift in probability