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What issues impeded universal sufferage despite high interest in politics in the late 19th century?

Women wanted to get children out of factories, black men were kept from voting, and Mississippi required voters to be able to read and understand to the satisfaction of the white man


What were the main issues supported by the Gilded Age Democratic Party?

They wanted to keep the government local (states rights), decentralizstion of the government, and limited government


What were the main issues supported by the Gilded Age Republican Party?

They wanted a centralized government to promote moral progress and material wealth and Homestead Act of 1862


What was the logic behind the railroad regulation?

They wanted to fix rates, outlaw rebates, and investigate rate discrimination


Why was the presidency weakened during reconstruction?

Johnson;s impeachment, the scandals of the Grant administrations, and the controversy surrounding the 1876 elections


Grant Administration Scandals

The Credit Mobilier, Black Friday, and The Whisky Ring


Credit Mobilier

A fake construction company responsible for building the Transcontinental Railroad's last 600 miles during which the government lost around $20 million through bribing the Grant Administration to overlook losses


What was the "Billion Dollar Congress"?

The Congress spent billions in appropriations and grants


What was the McKinley Tarriff Act?

Raised tarriff duties about 4% and also included a novel reciprocity provision that allowd the president to lower duties if other countries did the same; the act used new duties to promote new industries


Sherman Silver Purchase Act

Directed the treasury to purchase $4.5 million of silver a month and issue leagal tinder in the form of treasury notes and payment for it; it satisfied all political parties


What Civil Rights legislation was blocked by Democrats?

The Federal Elections Bill to protect the votings rights of Blacks in the South


Why was there a backlash to the Republican Congress of 1890?

The Republican passed laws limiting the rights of society (prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages)


What were the populists main complaints?

Drought, mortgages, low crop prices, and rising railroad rates for shipping products


How did the formation of various farmer' alliances outside of the social functions of the Grange contribute to the growth of populism?

It spread the word regarding the issues surrounding farm life and it brought farmers together in communities to make greater products adn it also stregnthened their voice in government


To who did Tom Watson appeal to as a Populist?

Georgia farmers


Ocala Platform

Three farmers alliances' they wanted to define the policies they want the national politicians they get elected to support


What did the farmers want from the Ocala Platform?

The creation of a sub-treasury system, free coniage of silver, end protective tarrifs in national banks, a federal tax income, derect election of senaotrs by voters, and tighter regulation of railroad companies


What is a sub-treasury system?

It would allow farmers to store their crops in government warehouses, in return the ability to claim treasury notes up to 80% of the local value of the crop


What was the formation of the peoples parties?

Formed in July 1892, in Omaha, the southern alliance leaders became convinced there was no reason to coopoerate with the Democrats who exploited alliances popularity but refused to adopt its reforms


What were the goals of the peoples party in the 1890 elections?

Unite black and white farmers, blacks for jury duty, and they adopted many of the Ocala demands


Which group of people were the Peoples Party greatest supporters?

The Southern Alliance