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What did James G. Blaine believe in while he was in office?

Establishing more foreign markets (trade) was essential for America's long-term economic health


What were the negotiations between America and Latin America?

It stressed Pan-Americanism, which built up trade between countries in the Western Hemisphere via reciprocity agreements with the aim of removing some European shares of Latin American markets


An 1975 reciprocity agreement with Hawaii:

Increased American influence over the Hawaiian government


What was the American involvement in Cuba and the Philippines?

Began with many if the sane objectives but ultimately ended with he two countries being controlled in different ways by the United States


The first target go Theodore Roosevelt's "trust busting" surely pleased:

Farmers who had supported the politicizing of the Grange and the resulting Populist Movement


Theodore Roosevelt got angry with William Howard Taft for:

Compromising with the conservative wing of the Republican Party as illustrated by the inclusion of the Commerce Court per the Mann-Elkins Act


Muckrakers like Ida Tarwell were:

Investigative journalists who exposed unfair or corrupt practices in industry and government


During the Progressive Era, immigration to the United States:

From Southeastern European countries significantly increased