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Moral Majority

It was created to combat "amoral liberals", drug abuse, "coddling", of criminals, homosexuality, communism and abortion


What did the Moral Majority represent?

The rise of political activism among organized religions radical right wing



Former liberals who advocated a strong stand against Communism abroad and free market capitalism at home



A french world meaning a relaxation of tension, with the Soviet union to lessen the possibility if nuclear war in the 1970s


Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

The US and SU culminated four years of SALT by signing a treaty limiting the deployment of antiballistic missiles and an agreement to freeze the number of offensive missiles for five years


Watergate Scandal

A break in at the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate complex in Washington was carried out under the direction of White House employees


Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

A cartel of oil exporting nations


Equal Rights Amendment

A proposed constitutional amendment passed by Congress in 1972 to guarantee women equal treatment under the law


Roe v. Wade

The 1973 Supreme Court decision that women have a constitutional right to abortion during the early stages of pregnancy


Camp David accords

President Jimmy Carter mediated a peace agreement between the leaders of Egypt and Israel at Camp David


Iranian Hostage Crisis

Iranian fundamentalist sized the American embassy in Tehran and held fifty three Americans hostage for over a year


Supply Side Economics

The theory that tax cuts would stimulate the economy by giving individuals more incentive to earn more money, which would lead to greater investment and eventually larger tac revenue at a lower rate


Strategic Defense Initiative

Reagan's SDI proposed to construct an elaborate computer controlled antimissile defense system capable pf destroying enemy missiles in outer space


Discuss Nixon's domestic policies

They had limited success, and through his diplomacy broke new ground in relations with China and the Soviet Union and ended in American fighting in Vietnam, he was forced to resign as president


Discuss the foreign policies of Richard Nixon regarding detente

Nixon wanted to establish an American liaison mission in Beijing asa first step toward diplomatic recognition


What was Nixon's plan to end the Vietnam war?

1. Withdrawal of American troops accompanied by training to south Vietnamese forces to take over the combat role
2. Renewed bombing
3. Hard line in negotiations with Hanoi


What were the key events in the Watergate scandal that led to Nixon's resignation?

Nixon had personal involvement in the cover up and he paid to keep the burglars quiet


What were the causes of the energy crisis?

The October War and the OPEC announced a 5% cut in oil production and vowed additional cuts of 5% each month until Israel surrendered the lands it took in 1967


How did the US energy policy deal with the energy shortage?

They mandated increased bank reserves to curtail the supply of money in circulation


Discuss domestic issues in the 1970s

1. Family: divorce rates were super high, people never marrying or postponing to a later age, mother's worked outside of homes
2. Women: They worked in only female dominated fields , their wages were on 76 percent of men's
3. Gay liberation: Gay demonstrators were attacked by police, AIDS, same sex marriage was taboo,


Why was the Ford presidency deemed unsuccessful?

He granted Nixon a full pardon for all federal crimes he committed, he had the CIA investigated as a result of the Watergate Scandal, and he made assassination illegal as an instrument of American foreign policy


Why was Carter said to have failed as president?

He had no clear sense of direction, no discerning political philosophy, and he lost a lot of money


Describe Carter's middle east foreign policy

It provided the gradual return of the Sinai to Egypt but left the Palestinians, the Arab inhabitants of the West Bank and the Gaza strip, unsettled


What was Carter's Iranian crisis?

On November 4, militants seized the US embassy in Tehran and took 53 people hostage


Why did Reagan want he presidential election in 1980?

He blamed Carter for inflation and allowing the Soviets to outstrip the US military, "Are you better off now that you were 4 years ago?"


What were the main principals of Reagan's supply-side economics?

It was believed that the private sector, of encouraged by tax cuts, would shift its resources from tax shelters to productive investment


What campaign promise to women did Reagan keep?

To make a symbolic gesture to women


How did Reagan restore US standing and respect in the world?

He devoted himself to strengthening America's defense and recapturing world supremacy from the Soviet Union


What was the basic tenet of Reagan's foreign policy?

He extended American economic aid


Describe Reagan's foreign policy toward the Soviet Union in 1987-88

The Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty


Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty

Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to remove and destroy all intermediate range missiles in Europe