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What were some factors that contributed to Kennedy winning the presidential election?

He promised to stimulate the lagging economy and carry forward reforms in education, healthcare, and civil rights under the banner of the New Frontier


What was Kennedy's defense policy?

He built up the nation's armed forces and the purpose was to of this buildup was to create an alternative to Eissenhower's policy of massive retaliation


What were the results of the second Berlin Crisis in 1962?

The construction of the Berlin Wall began


What was Kennedy's strategy for containing communism?

The formation of the Peace Core and the Green Berets


What were the Russian and US actions in the Cuban missile crisis?

US: Refused to trade with Cuba
Russia: Removed the missiles after talking to Kennedy


What was Kennedy's vision called?

The New Frontier


How did Kennedy approach the economy?

He was determined to stimulate to achieve a much higher rate of long term growth


What was Kennedy's civil rights program?

He promised to launch an attack on segregation in the Deep South, but his fear of alienating the large bloc of southern Democrats forced him to downplay civil rights legislation


What was Kennedy's solution to downplaying civil rights legislation?

To defer congressional action in favor of executive leadership in this area


What were the names of the Kennedy programs Johnson pushed through?

The tax cut and the civil rights measure (Civil Rights Act of 1964)


Who were the candidates of the 1964 election?

LBJ and Barry Goldwater


What were the legislative accomplishments of Johnson's Great Society?

Expanded food stamps, medicare, medicaid


What was the motivation of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution?

LBJ wanted to demonstrate to North Vietnam the American determination to defend South Vietnam at any cost and preempt the Vietnam issue from his Republican opponent, Barry Goldwater


What was the result of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution?

The Vietnam War


Why did Johnson push the US into large-scale involvement in South Vietnam?

He believed that the escalation would lead to a "favorable outcome"


What was the focus of the student revolt in the 1960s?

Affluence was the answer to all problems


What was the fundamental change in the civil rights movement in the mid 1960s?

Ethnic consciousness


What was the Feminine Mystique?

Betty Friedman's book about the sense of grievance and discrimination that developed among the white middle-class women in the 1960s


What were the events of the Tet Offensive in 1968?

They held on to the most rural areas and had scored an impressive political victory


What were the results of the 1968 election?

Richard Nixon