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What are the basic principles upon which the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses is based?

-Advocacy: supporting a particular cause, advocate for safety, health and pt rights.
-Veracity: accuracy, conformity to facts, habitual truthfulness
-Responsibility: willingness to respect obligations, and follow through on promises.
-Accountability: ability to answer for own actions.
-Privacy: being free from being observed or disturbed.
-Confidentiality: HIPAA, protection of personal health info


What are the steps for making ethical decisions?



Explain assessment when making ethical decisions....

-Assess situation: main people involved, pt's overall nursing, medical, and social situation. Relevent legal, administrative, and staff consideration.


Explain diagnose (identify) when making an ethical decision....

-Diagnose ethical problem: (identify) Clarify issue in 2 ways:
1. is the conflict personal, interpersonal, institutional, or societal? Is there a question about thought or feeling?
2. Does the question have a moral/ethical component and why?


Explain planning when making an ethical decision....

Identify and weigh alternatives
-short and long term consequences
-apply codes of conduct and ethics
-consult with respected colleagues
-decide on course of action you can best support


Explain implementation when making an ethical decision....

-implement decision
-compare actual outcome with expected outcome


Explain evaluation when making an ethical decision....

evaluate decision


What is an ethical dilemma?

-occurs in presence of 2 conflicting courses of action
-two or more clear moral principles apply but support mutually inconsistent courses of action


When you have an ethical dilemma what do you need to distinguish between and clarify?

-distinguish between fact and opinion
-clarify values of parties involved (your own, client's, co-worker's)


How do you resolve an ethical dilemma?

-tolerate differences and look at cultural values
-deliberate and negotiate differences of opinion (presumption of good will, strict confidentiality, client-centered decision making, family/caregiver participation)


Regulates relationships between people and government

public law (a type of criminal law)


regulates relationships among people

private or civil law


concerns state and federal criminal statutes

criminal law


Which law regulates the practice of nursing and other healthcare?

private or civil law


Law enacted by a legislative body.
EX: Nurse practice act

statutory law


Concerns state and federal criminal statutes. EX: misuse of a controlled substance

statutory criminal law


This law is rules and regulations that are legally enacted to support some statutory law.
-EX: state boards of nursing, notifying BRN of unethical behavior

administrative (regulatory) law


This law is created from judicial decisions made in courts.
EX: informed consent, clients right to refuse treatment

common law (Judicial decisions)


Most of this law revolves around negligence and malpractice.

Common (judicial law)