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What arteries supply the breast?

Mostly: lateral thoracic artery - comes down along side of pectoralis muscle and sends branches into the lateral side of the breasts
Also: axillary artery, Intercostal arteries, Internal thoracic arteries (Internal mammary arteries)


Where does the majority of lymph go in the breast?

Anterior or Pectoral group of axillary nodes


What nodes are used for sentinel node biopsies for breast cancer?

Axillary nodes


Where does the deltoid muscle take origin?

Spine of the scapula, acromion and the lateral third of the clavicle -- then attaches to the deltoid tubercle on the lateral side of the humerus


What innervates the deltoid?

The axillary nerve!


Where does the long head of the triceps attach?

It attaches to the infraglenoid tubercle.


Where does the supraspinatus muscle attach?

It attaches at the greater tubercle of the humerous and the medial boarder of the scapula.


Where does the clavicle most commonly break?

At the junction of the middle and lateral third.


When someone falls on an open hand, which bone usually breaks?

The clavicle.


After a traction injury of the brachial plexus (such as during birth), what is the usual clinical appearance of the upper limb when this injury occurs?

The upper limb appears adducted and medially rotated.