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How does Dampness manifest in the body? What are the different kinds of Dampness?

- Edema, mainly in lower part of body, which indicates something is not functioning well
- Pathogenic water (e.g. ascites, which could be treated using Gan Sui)
- Damp heat (which could be treated using the 3 Yellows)
- Dampness often combines with other pathogenic factors, like wind / cold / heat, so treatment needs to take these into account


What organs are involved with Dampness?

- LU, SP, KD & UB are involved with Dampness
- LU's fxn of dispersion & descending
- SP's fxn of transformation & transportation
- KD & UB's fxns in fluid metabolism


What are the most common signs & symptoms of Dampness?

- edema, fluid accumulation, swelling in the lower jiao
- abdominal bloating
- swelling in the ankles


Do herbs that Drain Dampness treat thin mucus or thick mucus?

Thin mucus or water


How do herbs that Drain Dampness remove dampness from the body?

Leach out dampness by promoting urination


What is the general taste of herbs that Drain Dampness?

Bland in taste (Bland tends to drain)


What is the general temperature of herbs that Drain Dampness?

Neutral to Cool in temperature (Neutral herbs combine well with other herbs in formulas)


Drain Dampness herbs are especially helpful in treating edema from which part of the body?

Lower Jiao


Aromatic Herbs that Transform Dampness are primarily focused on transforming dampness in what part of the body?

Middle Jiao (for dampness stagnating MJ)


How do herbs that are Aromatic help to transform dampness?

Aromatic penetrates through turbidity


Which organ is said to be revived by Aromatic herbs?



In what cases do you need to be cautious with Aromatic Herbs that Transform Dampness?

caution with Yin Deficiency


What is Wind Dampness? What do Herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness treat?

- Wind Damp Bi
- Painful obstruction
- Impediment patterns


What is the quality of pain associated with Wind as an EPF?

moving pain


What does "Bi" stand for?

Bi Syndrome -- a condition that is aggravated by invasion of EPF's like Wind / Cold / Damp that lodge in the muscles, sinews, joints & bones (e.g. arthritis is a common indication)


What is the quality of pain associated with Cold as an EPF?

fixed, severe pain


What channels are primarily treated by herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness? In terms of Five Elements, these channels relate to what tissues of the body?

SP -- muscles
LV -- sinews
KD -- joints & bones


What does it mean to Dispel?

- Dispel means: to make disappear, drive something away, or scatter
- Du Huo dispels (or drives away) lurking wind in the KD channel
- S/Sx of lurking wind in the KD channel include: painful obstruction of feet, aching heaviness of low back, lurking wind headache & swollen gums, and toothache due to wind


What is the major symptom of Wind Dampness? What aggravates this symptom?

- Painful joints is the major symptom
- Cold Damp weather aggravates painful joints


What is the quality of discomfort associated with Damp as EPF?

heavy, swelling