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What is the nature of fire?

it is: Yang, Drying and Moves Upwards


With Excess Heat/Fire, at which level (of the four levels) do herbs that Clear Heat and Drain Fire operate?

Qi level


Herbs that Clear Heat and Drain Fire address heat in which of the 6 channels?

Yang Ming Channel


We see fever in all three Yang channels. What is the difference between how the fevers present in the three yang channels?

Tai Yang = fever & chills
Shao Yang = fever alternating with chills
Yang Ming = fever with NO chills


What are some signs and symptoms of Excess Heat? (10 given in slides)

Fever without chills, profuse sweat, dry mouth, thirst, irritability, red eyes, red face, scanty dark urine, constipation or diarrhea with dark stool, aversion to heat.


What tongue do you see with Excess Heat?

red body w/ yellow tongue coat


What pulse do you see with Excess Heat?

Full pounding rapid pulse. Sometimes called Flooding.


Yang Ming syndrome is sometimes said to have the 'four bigs'. What is meant by this?

Big pulse, big fever, big sweat, big thirst


What common characteristics do herbs that Drain Fire tend to have in common?

tend to be Bitter and Cold.


From a biomedical standpoint, what are herbs that Drain Fire said to be?

Anit-iinflammatory, Antipyretic (reduce fever), antimicrobial


What are herbs that Clear Heat and Drain Fire?

Shi Gao - Gypsum Fibrosum
Zhi Mu - Anemarrhenae Rhizoma
Xi Gua - Citrulli Fructus


What are some particular Sx and Characteristics of Summerheat?

- only happen in late July or August
- symptoms of heat similar to Qi level (Yang Ming)
- scant urination (fluids of body being dried up by heat of summer)
- vexation - agitation, restlessness
- sweat or no sweat
- often combines with Dampness


What are some additional symptoms we will see in Summerheat with Damp?

- nausea & vomiting
- digestive & elimination issues
- soggy pulse
- yellow greasy tongue coat


What is the main formula for Yang Ming Channel Heat or Qi level heat and its major Action and Pattern treated?

Bai Hu Tang - clears Qi level heat, drains stomach fire, generates fluids, and alleviates thirst.


What is a called the "natural Bai Hu Tang"?

Xi Gua - Citrulli Fructus - watermelon


What are the ingredients in Bai Hu Tang?

- Shi Gao
- Zhi Mu
- Zhi Gan Cao
- Geng Mi (non-glutenous rice)


In Shao Yin syndromes, Heat is in which of the four levels?

Ying or Xue


In Bai Hu Tang what is the chief herb and what is its role (function)?

Shi Gao - clears heat and drains fire


In Bai Hu Tang what is the Deputy and its complimentary function?

Zhi Mu - generates fluids and clears heat


What are some characteristics of herbs that Clear Heat and Cool the Blood?

- treat heat at the Ying or Xue level
- treat heat that causes "reckless" movement of blood
- some also nourish yin and generate fluids to treat vacuity heat drying out fluids


What is meant by "reckless" movement of Blood?

heat causing "reckless" movement (bleeding) - rashes, nosebleeds, hemoptysis, vomiting blood.


Herbs that Clear Heat and Cool the Blood deal with heat in which six channel stage?

Shao Yin (HT & KI)


What are Sx of Ying Level Heat?

Ying level - high fever worse at night, mental restlessness, insomnia, manic speech, coma, beginning of skin rash, red tongue body with peeling yellow coat (or sometimes no coat)


What are Sx of Blood Level Heat?

Frank bleeding, skin rash, red tongue with prickles


What are herbs that Clear Heat and Cool the Blood?

Shui Niu Jiao - Bubali Cornu
Sheng Di Huang - Rehmanniae Radix


What are some Damp Heat Pattern Signs and Sx?

Dysenteric disorders, urinary difficulty or pain (Lin Syndromes, UTI's), jaundice, and damp heat skin disorders like furuncles (boils) or eczema.


What are some common characteristics of herbs that treat Damp Heat?

- Are Bitter and Cold - can injure a weak middle jiao
- Can be too drying for deficient patients (Yin, Jin Ye, Qi, SP and ST)
- Considered antimicrobial, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory by biomed


What are some herbs that treat Damp Heat?

Huang Qin - Scutellariae Radix
Huang Lian - Coptidis Rhizoma
Huang Bai - Phellodendri Cortex


What herbs are known as "the three yellows" or the yellow brothers or the three brothers?

Huang Qin, Huang Lian and Huang Bai


Can the three yellows be used topically?

Yes - can be used topically to pull heat from skin (i.e. red and painful eyes and ulcerations of tongue and mouth)