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Herbs that Tonify the Yang primarily support the yang of which 3 zang organs?

Heart, Spleen, Kidney

(think post-heaven qi for HT, pre-heaven qi for KD, and SP in the middle)


What are some general Yang Deficiency signs & symptoms?

- bright white facial complexion, exhaustion, low voice, dislike of speaking
- fear of cold, cold limbs, lack of thirst or preference for hot beverages
- listless spirit (HT Yang Xu)
- profuse clear urination or scant clear urine with edema (KD & UB signs)
- loose stool or diarrhea (SP Yang issue)


What is the pulse & tongue for Yang Deficiency?

- tongue: pale, puffy, no coat (if coat: then it's very thin & dry, because a thick coat would indicate excess)
- pulse: deep, slow, weak


What are some KD Yang Deficiency signs & symptoms?

in addition to general Yang Deficiency s/sx:
- sore weak low back & knees
- frigidity
- impotence, spermatorrhea, infertility
- watery vaginal discharge
- polyuria (profuse, frequent urination)
- enuresis (lack of control over urination)
- wheezing (KD failing to grasp Qi)
- daybreak/cock's crow diarrhea (5-7am is when the KD is weakest)
- delayed development or failure of fontanel to close


Which type of Yang Deficiency (HT, SP, or KD) is most severe?

KD Yang Deficiency is the most severe


If a patient has Yang Deficiency, can we use both herbs that Tonify the Yang AND herbs that Warm the Interior? Explain.

Yes -- Warm the Interior herbs could warm and help restore function, but they should be used together with Tonify Yang herbs because the patient is deficient and needs Yang as fuel for function.


When would we solely use Tonify Yang herbs?

1) Extremely Deficienct Yang -- e.g. elderly, kids or babies with development delays
2) Infertility -- if due to Yang Deficiency


Why do herbs that Tonify the Yang tend to support Qi transformation and warming?

- if you have Yang Deficiency, you also have Qi Deficiency
- therefore if you tonify Yang, you're also tonifying Qi


What is an herb we've learned to Tonify the Yang? What are its key characteristics?

Lu Rong - Cervi Cornu Pantrotrichum (Deer Antler Velvet):
- fortifies primal yang
- generates essence
- augments the marrow


Herbs that Nourish and Tonify the Blood address 2 factors of Blood. What are they?

1) Quantity of Blood -- is there enough?
2) Quality of Blood -- is it healthy?


What does Blood nourish in the body?

skin, hair, sinews, bones, channels and zang-fu


"_____ is the Mother of Qi, Qi is the _____ of Blood." What does this mean?

"Blood is the Mother of Qi,
Qi is the commander of Blood."

- Blood is the substance from which we can make Qi
- but Blood needs Qi to move; Blood cannot move on its own
- therefore they need each other


Which 3 organs have a strong relationship with Blood?

Spleen, Liver, Heart


What is the Spleen's relation to Blood?

- combines LU Qi and KD Jing to produce blood
- weak SP Qi won't produce good quality blood


What is the Liver's relation to Blood?

Liver stores Blood at rest


What is the Heart's relation to Blood?

- HT governs Blood circulation
- therefore HT Deficiency can't pump blood and blood can stagnate, causing relative deficiencies in areas not receiving


What are some general Blood Deficiency signs & symptoms?

- pallor to face, skin, nails, lips, under eyelids, sallow and lusterless
- fatigue, numbness (due to failure to nourish)
- tingling, spasming in muscles & sinews (link to SP & LV)
- constipation
- floaters (flowery vision), blurred vision, dry eyes
- early gray hair
- scanty/absent menses, insufficient lactation
- blood dryness can stir wind causing itchy dry skin
- dizziness (link to LV)
- palpitations, poor memory, insomnia (link to HT)


What is the tongue & pulse for Blood Deficiency?

- tongue: almost orangey pale body
- pulse: thin


Blood Deficiency patients tend to show cold or heat signs? Therefore these herbs tend to be _____.

- Blood Deficiency patients tend to show COLD signs
- therefore herbs that Tonify the Blood tend to be WARM herbs


Can Blood Deficiency lead to Blood Stasis?

Yes -- Blood Deficiency can lead to Qi Deficiency, which is a leading cause of Blood Stasis because of failure of Qi to move the blood.


Can Blood Deficiency lead to Internal Wind?

Yes -- Blood Deficiency can lead to Internal Wind because depletion of yin humor leaves yang unchecked, which means LV Yang could rise as Internal Wind.


What is the 1st herb we've learned to Tonify the Blood? What are its key characteristics?

Shu Di Huang - Rehmanniae Radix Preparata:
- tonifies the blood
- enriches the yin
- generates essence
- augments the marrow


What is the 2nd herb we've learned to Tonify the Blood? What are its key characteristics?

Dang Gui - Angelicae Sinensis Radix:
- tonifies the blood
- invigorates the blood
- regulates menstruation
- alleviates pain


Herbs that Tonify the Yin address Yin Deficiency. These patients tend to show cold or heat signs? Therefore these herbs tend to be what temperature?

- heat signs
- herbs tend to be cold


Herbs that Tonify the Yin primarily address Yin Deficiency of which 4 organs?

Lung & Stomach Yin Deficiency -- focus on generating fluids bc LU & ST both dislike and don't function well with dryness.

Liver & Kidney Yin Deficiency -- tends to be more severe, so herbs need to strongly tonify both Blood & Yin.


What is the Yin Deficiency pulse & tongue?

- pulse: thin & rapid
- tongue: red & peeled or no coating (in severe cases, mirrored)


LU & ST Yin Deficiency situations tend to require generation of fluids. What are some s/sx of LU Yin Deficiency & ST Yin Deficiency?

- LU Yin Deficiency: dry cough, dry throat, dry skin, thirst, loss of voice, difficult to expectorate sputum
- ST Yin Deficiency: lack of appetite, dry mouth, thirst, constipation


KD & LV Yin Deficiency affect more the Blood & Yin and often happen simultaneously. What are some s/sx of LV Yin Deficiency & KD Yin Deficiency?

- LV Yin Deficiency: dry eyes, night blindness, tinnitus, dry nails, low grade fever (if LV Yang Rises: vertigo, tinnitus, insomnia, irritability)
- KD Yin Deficiency: dizziness, tinnitus, sore & weak low back & knees, five center heat, afternoon fever, spermatorrhea, scanty dark urine, red dry tongue, thin pulse w/o strength


What are some s/sx of HT Yin Deficiency? (Note: this situation is often treated with herbs that Nourish the Heart to Calm the Spirit)

vexation, agitation, insomnia, palpitations


What is an herb we've learned to Tonify the Yin? What are its key characteristics?

Mai Men Dong - Ophiopogonis Radix:
- nourishes the yin of the ST, SP, HT & LU
- clears heat
- quiets irritability